Face Recognition Using PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how develop Face Recognition using PHP program. This concept nowadays mostly used by colleges, public sector, private organizations and more. Because it’s very simple to verify the users when compared to other ways. That’s why most of peoples are move on this techniques.

The major reason is avoid duplicate entry. For example when you go for attend government exams, that time room invigilators are check your identity via face recognition tool. So we not able to cheat one through this system. It’s easily find out the duplicate entries.

On the other hand most of mobile companies also introduce this feature for unlock the phone. It’s most popular on the year of 2015 to 2019. But after that some peoples are migrate into face lock to fingerprint lock. This is very speed than face lock.

The drawback of Face lock, it take few seconds to check our face and every time we not able to show our face to unlock the phone. Suppose we are in travel and hire helmet ? that time not able to unlock the phone so fingerprint is best option for only mobile.

However in most cases face recognition concept is best option for verify the users. In case you are running any companies and difficult to manage employee ? Just go on this software and easy to control your employees.

Where apply this software

  1. Attendance Management System
  2. Public Sector Exams
  3. Mobile Phone
  4. Corporate Companies
  5. Software Company
  6. Examination Places
  7. Government Services like human identity verification

Still a lot of features are available on this platform but we need more knowledge for complete those type of projects. Moreover need hardware tools for integrate into software code.

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Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for creating face recognition project using PHP. If you have some knowledge in Python then go for Python language. Because already I told in this project we need hardware tools are execute this software. For the internet of things project, Python is best suitable and more in-built library files are available. That’s why still most of developers are using Python program.

Through the PHP also we can do this project but it little bit complicate to complete the projects. However documentation also there on YouTube and Google so you can easily follow procedure to accomplish the software system. Through the framework also you can do this project and Laravel is better option but here am using Core PHP Program.


Database is very important for this project. Because here we need to store all customer entries on database and call via hardware system when need to execute the operation. In case you did not like use database concept then also able to run this project via Firebase cloud.

But MySQL and MongoDB give better performance for this projects. I hope already you have some idea in MySQL database, so easily built this project with help of hardware.

Face Recognition Screenshot

Check below screenshots after that decide it’s worth or not and image just like initial process so after that only main concepts are working. So don’t judge this project via this images. Because we can’t able to snap the image file during the process of operation.

face recognition using php

Actually face recognition software always trace human eyes because that’s give unique identity for every human beings. For the reason only here we give this images for during the eye trace via this project.

Face Recognition using PHP

In below I give the entire source code for human recognition project using PHP. However for this project Python program is best options so if you are a college students then discuss about it with your faculty members. Otherwise proceed with PHP, you can learn lot of things in this software.

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