Earn Money Online From Home

Earn Money Online From Home – Here i will teach you how to make money online from home. Now a days there are more ways will be there to earn money online with no investments. Some of persons knows the tricks for make money online from Google Adsense, YouTube Adsense, Blogging, PTC Sites, Buy & Sell, Marketing affiliation(like amazon,flipkart) and work smart from home.

Below step is little bit hard, that means you need some knowledge to work. But easiest work also available on internet. Watch Video & Earn $4 per Day from home. It’s very helpful for college students who are looking for online based typing or copy paste jobs.

Some blog owners are providing fake information for making money online guideline. When you are following those things, completely waste your time and efforts. But some personalities don’t know how to earn money online from home and face many problem for their first attempts. So here i will list the way for earn money online,

1. Technical person

2. Non-Technical person

3. Housewife

4. Self Employed (like business staffs)

Earn Money Online From Home

In above i list the categories of make money online from home and now clearly explain the ways to earn more money sit from home. Actually in that four category is matched for everyone so also try for all categories personalities for each and every work.

1. Technical Person

For technical personalities, there are more & more ways will be there to make money online from home. Step by i will give the detailed explanation with page example. You have try these all methods to earn money because more technical person do the all below things and easily make money

(i) Google AdSense

First i will strongly recommend Google AdSense because this is best way to earn more traffic and money from online. Most of the bloggers depends on Google AdSense because they are very secure and give more money for our website impressions and ad click.

What I Need to create Website or Blog?

I will assume you are technical person because you read it, First you buy one Domain and Hosting service for domain providers like Hostgator, GoDaddy, BlueHost etc. After buy the domain and hosting you have to create unique article for your blog readers and stop to copy contents to other website because google easily find out the copied content so you not approved for Google AdSense.

After making your blog you have at least create 10 valid articles. Create Account Google AdSense Apply that if you have no copied content for your blog then google approved for your website within 24 or 48 hours. After approving you have place the ads in your blog and make money from home.

(ii) YouTube AdSense

Google AdSense provide another way to make money via YouTube AdSense. Actually its very simple because here you don’t need website to make money. Videos only enough to earn money just follow my steps complete the YouTube AdSense account.

First open the YouTube via your current used Gmail Account after that upload one videos (just listen the videos like no copied fro other site must its have unique video so YouTube approved your video to earn money). You need 1k Subscribers and 40000 Views for your account after that you ready to earn via YouTube AdSense

(iii) Media.net

Media.net is one of the best alternative for Google AdSense. Suppose your blog not approved from Google AdSense just apply the Media.net network. Media.net also check the copied content and more but not like Google so you have chance for media.net approval. As usual Create Account Media.net after create the account apply the forms that’s like fill the name, email and your blog address. Media.net take two days for approval process so just wait two days.

After approving you have place the ads in your blog and earn money from Media.net. The minimum threshold is $100 after reaching your threshold the media.net network automatically send the payment from your Bank Account.


Above sites are very powerful and worth for hard working so try the above website only to earn money online. Apart from that number of websites will be there to earn that’s like Shareasale, VigLink, Skimlinks, Revcontent and more but these websites are waste so just ignore it don’t waste time. Some personalities mostly spend time these site and finally not earn money. Here i have recommend just try to approve Google AdSense, YouTube AdSense & Media.net network.

2. Non-Technical Person

For non-technical personalities also number of websites will be there to earn money Online and Offline. Compared to technical personalities you have more chance to get money from Offline rather than Online. I assume you have no knowledge about programming field & networking field so here list the way of earn money.

(i) PTC Sites

PTC means Paid To Click its focused between advertisers and consumers. PTC sites provide some of advertisements, it will displayed your own dashboard you have just click the showing ads and earn money but the CPM cost is very low. Its like survey and pay per click module. Maximum per day you have to earn just Rs.50 to 100 (INR) only. But they provide minimum threshold ($5) only so when you cross $5 they will automatically transfer the amount in your account.

List the PTC Sites

(i) ClixSense Create Account

(ii) NeoBux Create Account

(iii) InboxDollar InboxDollar

(iv) PrizeRebel Create Account

(v) PaidVerts Create Account

(ii) Copy Paste Work

Copy Paste work is very very simple concept to make money online with help of Clients. You need some clients to do make the copy paste work within your home. But don’t there are websites will be there to find out clients. Here i will share the site of copy paste work and other works also like Marketing, Designs, Language Translations and more. The sites are,

(i) Fiverr

Fiverr is a Freelancer Service for find out your clients and get the job as your wish. World Widely its connects the customers so you have possible to get project with you skills like if you have good skill in Designing field just search marketplace of Fiverr and get the Clients.
Fiverr Create Account

(ii) Freelancer

Freelancer also same of Fiverr no difference will be there, these two site do the same work but different target levels. So you have also register account from Freelancer websites also.
Freelancer Freelancer

3. Housewife

Apart from Technical and Non-technical personalities Housewife entertainments is very different like they will do cooking, care children and more. Housewife are mostly spend the with home but some housewife are eagerly waiting and trying to making money online within a home. So here i have share about housewife jobs and how to do within home and earn some of amount in online.

(i) Start Own Business

Start your own business like Manufacturing based works, its gives more profit and customers so you have don’t worry about negative thinking just start and marketing survey for your business. We need marketing only then easily get customers and now a days there are options available in social marketing like Facebook, WhatsApp and more.

If you are Girl, start Dress Business (Saree,Nighties based) its makes more profit and also don’t need marketing you have easily find out the customers in your contact numbers circle.

Then also u try the YouTube AdSense network its not difficult you can. You have to make the videos like how to Wear Saree, cooking tips, Beauty Tips and more. Just create video and upload from YouTube then apply from YouTube AdSense. Google give more money compare to other networking. So girls just try this you can do and any doubt just ping me officially.

4. Self Employed

Self Employed also same for Housewife’s you have also try that steps and apart from i will give some ideas for earn money online and offline. I assumed you are working somewhere and part timely try to make money from home so i will share the ideas for you..

(i) Manufacturing

More profits raised in manufacturing work so you have no doubt to start the business. First you have analyse the marketing strategy for your business ideas like you have idea about start business in Paper Cup manufacturing that idea fine. So analyse your area who are all used paper cup machine how to they sell for that. Then start your manufacturing business in your area.

If you feel have no money for start a manufacturing business just cool you have option for EMI so buy the machines via EMI facility. Then find out some grocery store and agency to sell your products. Now i will share two manufacturing business ideas that’s like,

(i) Paper Cup Manufacturing

(ii) Agarbatti Manufacturing

Demo videos are available in YouTube so just see that then you have some ideas for how to do it.

The End

I don’t know above business models and online earning tips will helpful or not but i think its very useful some personalities. In real time that’s all possible for all so you have try to make your category wise. If you have any doubt related to just comment below I will fix your questions.

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