Earn Money Home Students

Earn Money Home Students – In this article I have explain how earn money from home for college students. Nowadays we have plenty of chances available to expose our ideas, knowledge on internet. So students use this opportunity and grow your life with online income. In the beginning it may be confused but after going few days or months, you are well experienced knowledge in online.

earn money home students

Apart from this article you can earn money from easiest way like online survey work, view & click ads, Watch Video & Earn Rs.500 per Day without any investment.

These days students have latest mobile phones, laptop/desktop with internet connection. Few peoples only use this facility and others are waste their time on social media platform like facebook, whatsapp, instagram. So try to earn money via online. It will be very useful for your secondary passive income.

Earn Money Home

In the beginning little bit hard to understand the concept. But after going on few days you got clearance idea about in these domain. Just follow my below suggestion to make money online.


Nowadays most of college students & housewife’s are using freecash.com website for making money online. Because that was very easy no technical knowledge required, anyone do this work in simple ways. The work was like online survey, playing game and more easiest task.

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1. Create Blog

If you want passive and high income from internet. Then create one blog because through that we can easily make dollars money $5 to $10 per day without any investment. Nowadays most of college students learn programming in Tamil. Rs.2000 enough for start the blog per year. Suppose if you are college student and have one blog. Most of companies hire you. They judge you have skill in programming domain.

First buy one domain & hosting from Hostgator or Godaddy. WordPress very helpful for website creation and build content. It’s the good content Management System(CMS). Already I published one article which is clearly explained How Start & Create Blog Beginner Guide.

2. PTC Site

Paid To Click (PTC) sites are very easy to do jobs. User Interfaces are very clean & user friendly. Uneducated persons also easily access and earn money via ptc websites.

The Work is just Watch Videos, View & Click Ads, Website Survey, Data Entry Work etc. So in free time you can use this opportunity to make money online. In my previous article I share the list of reputed most trusted PTC Sites earn from home or anywhere.

3. Data Entry Work

Data entry typing work is easy to use when compare other jobs like website development, mobile application development, SEO work, blog creation etc. India Government officially launch Data Entry Work (Minimum Rs.300 per Day) from home or working place.

4. Affiliation Job

Affiliate Marketing is one of the good idea for earn money from secondary income work. Our work is just share & resell the existing product from our friends, customers, colleagues. When customer buy the things via our referral link, we got commision for that price.

Flipkart & Amazon helps to make money from affiliates marketing. The initial step is create new account on amazon or flipkart affiliation domain and start to selling the products.

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