Earn Money by Answering Questions

In this tutorial I have explain how earn money by Answering Questions India. These are top queries searched by most of unemployed peoples. Because nowadays most of students are jobless so they are looking for online part time jobs. But we need some knowledge for making money online from trusted legit sites.

Jobs are available based on people education. Some people have strong knowledge in software industries so those type of persons are easily earning money. Because they have already some experience in the particular domain.

Other people have no awareness in computer, even don’t know how to operate and access internet services. Those type of persons are only search this type of easiest job like,

Earn Money by Answering Questions

  1. Form Filling Jobs
  2. Data Entry Work From Home
  3. Watching Videos & Earn Money
  4. Online Survey Works
  5. Content Writer Job
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Clicking Ads

Above jobs are taking more time and paid small amount for us. So try to avoid these jobs because you did not able to make more money via this category. Even not earn $1 per day, then what’s the use of this work. Therefore don’t waste your time and alternatively invest on some other useful works.

Best Online Jobs

First understand the one thing, no one give us money for simple works. Hard work is must for survey our life to achieve the goals. For that we need to dedicate more time on particular concept. After that only able to survey on best suitable jobs.

Always target high level income like $100 to $500, don’t target how earn $5 to $10. When your goal is small, you can’t push yourself on next level. So always fix your aim on highest ranking, after that everything is happened on right time.

  1. Create Blog
  2. Start YouTube Channel
  3. Affiliate Jobs
  4. Sell Your Own Products

1. Create Blog

Actually Blogging is one of the best way for making passive income. To start a blog first we have to buy domain and hosting from Hostgator or Hostinger. Number of hosting providers are available on market. So analyze about and choose your domain providers based on cost.

After buying domain and hosting, they are give some spaces for upload content on server. Select anyone topic like entertainment contents, cinema, cricket, programming, gaming or any one of services. When you continuously posting articles, then able to earn more money.

earn money google adsense
Credits – Google

Ads are provided by Google Team, Media .Net, Ezoic and more companies are provide advertisements for our site. For getting approval your site must meet good traffic and unique contents. Then only they are approve our site.

2. Start YouTube Channel

I think already you know how to create YouTube Channel and the steps. But now YouTube platform has more competition so we need give quality content. Then only we able to beat our competitors. Otherwise not survive on YT service.

3. Earn Money – Affiliate Job

Affiliate marketing also best way to earn money online. The major E-commerce shopping sites are provide this features for their customers. For example Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho and more company give us commission for each sales.

earn money via affiliate marketing amazon
Credits – Amazon

This job very easy first create one account from Amazon affiliate after that they are give you particular referral URL for your account. Then share the link from your family members, relative, colleagues and also spread on social media site of Facebook, Instagram group.

Create Affiliate Account from Amazon

4. Sell Your Own Product

Sell your own products via social networks. Because now everyone using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. Through this easily able to market our products and earn more money for every sales. On the other hand our brand name also become a popular place.

For example you can sell sweets, software courses, Groceries, clothes, DIY and more products are available on market. Choose any on of topic which has more sales on everyday life. Finally your business name also popular & dollars money increase day by day based on sales.

So do this work alternatively earn money by answering questions.

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