E Learning Android App Source Code

In this tutorial I have explain how create E Learning Android App source code on Android Studio IDE. Nowadays everything processed and communicate way e learning platforms. For example everyday we are using digital payments, online classes via e platforms, online exams and more. So we can’t ignore elearning platforms for further improvements.

Popular E-Learning Apps & Sites

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. Codecademy
  4. W3 Schools
  5. Skillshare

Above website and android apps are mostly used by everyone & very popular. Through the e learning platform we easily able to learn the thins without any manual efforts. We can learn from home, working place or any other places.

This is the major reason for why everyone should migrate into e learning platforms. In the upcoming section we see about the internal & external features for both of end users & companies. It’s like similar of online course management system project.

Create Project

Okay let’s see how to create the E-Learning platform android app with source code in free of cost. The app objective is providing list of free & paid courses. So the particular users have permission to enroll the courses via online platforms.

It’s like the process of connecting course providers and Students who are looking for online courses. It’s similar of Udemy website where we learn the available courses.

Therefore in our end we allocate space for course providers and end users. Course sellers have to create account and then explain about the course details with o without cost. On other hand students or working professionals are buy or learn via free plans.

E learning Android App Requirements

  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Android Studio IDE
  4. JSON
  5. SQLite

Steps to be Followed

Here I have explain about the list of steps which is we have to follow for complete this project. Actually this is very simple process because in our end we just connect both buyers and sellers. Therefore create some of forms which is collect information about course providers & college students.

  1. Registration/Login Form
  2. Course Details
  3. Plans (Free or Premium)
  4. Class details like Online or Offline
  5. Course Material

Above details are developed for course providers who are list the material documents. Similarly we have also give spaces for students who are like to access our courses.


  1. UI Components
  2. UI Layouts
  3. Resources
  4. Fragments
  5. Custom Components

E Learning Android Features

A lot of feature are available when we migrate into new platform. In below I have explain some of major benefits only.

  • Material Design
  • OTP Verification (Email)
  • oAuth Social Login
  • Online payments
  • Integrate with online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom.

E Learning Android App Screenshots

Once check the project screenshot after that decide it’s worth or not. But I am sure it will surely helps to develop your own E-Learning platform application. In this project you can get both of Web application with Admin Panel & Android application.

e learning android app project
e learning android app

Source Code

Above all contents and images are helps to develop e learning management system project using android studio. Moreover you can able customize designs as per your own wish and it’s looks like amazing benefits on your project. So here we are strongly suggest to make unique designs & overall concepts.

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