Domain Hosting Setup WordPress

In this article I explain the complete steps for Domain Hosting Setup WordPress platform. These days most of college students are working professionals are maintain blog for generate passive income. But some peoples have no idea like

  1. How Setup Domain & Hosting
  2. Where to Buy
  3. Which Plan is Perfect for me
  4. Exact Performance
  5. SEO Decision

Actually easily we able to create blog without any knowledge. Because full guideline are available on YouTube platform in all languages. However they are not teach about other tutorial like SEO, But SEO is the major things for improve our site performance.

So in this tutorial we will see the complete steps for how maintain perfect WordPress Blog or Website. Suppose if you are beginner and don’t know the knowledge in SEO and upcoming, don’t worry we will provide the setup for you.

For that service you have to pay Rs.1000 for us, then we are doing following service.

  1. Website Designing & Development
  2. Guide to Bought a Domain & hosting
  3. Doubt Clarification
  4. Full support for one month 24/7
  5. We are using Tamil & English languages.

Domain Hosting Setup WordPress – Where to Buy Domain?

I strongly recommend Hostgator & Hostinger. Moreover domain is no problem you can buy anywhere because they are provide Domain Name System (DNS) only. Similarly DNS does not provide any features and performance for our site.

domain hosting setup wordpress hostinger
Source – Hostinger

However some hosting companies are give offer for when you buy both of domain and hosting plan for one year. For example Hostinger provide free premium domain when you choose one year hosting server plan.

Which Hosting Providers are Best ?

I am using both hosting and I think both is best. Suppose if you are non computer department students then choose hostinger. Because they are provide user friendly navigation, easy setup, Material UI and more.

Domain Hosting Setup Which Plan is Best For Me ?

Always choose Starting level plans. Because search engine takes nearly 6 months for improve our site ranking performance. Even in the starting period we did not get more traffic so basic plan is perfect for us. After going 1 or 2 years upgrade your plan basic to medium.

Step by step increase your plan .But some peoples are think like if we are choosing advanced plan our site getting more traffic. Hosting & SEO not a same thing, so based on your site performance choose the hosting plans.

For example if your site getting 3K plus views per day ? Then Medium level plan is correct for you but it take nearly one year, that’s based on which type of content uploads on your blog.

domain hosting setup hostinger

GTmetrix helps to find out website issues and provide performance rank for our website. When you buy domain and hosting from hostinger company, they are completely helps to increase your site speed level. Moreover you can read my tips for How Improve GTmetrix Score on your website or blog.

My Website Rank

vetbossel gtmetrix results

What’s Next ? – After Bought Domain & Hosting

After that we need technical knowledge for improve our website ranking in Google Search Engine. Without SEO our blog is not showing on major search engine. So when we give more efforts on SEO, then results also fine. Therefore website initial setup is important for getting more traffics on search engine. If we make any wrong setup then site not listed on Google website.

Also Read – WordPress Hosing Plan.

Not only SEO, Cache system also important for increase the page speed and performance. Overall blog has lot of layers, we need to learn some technical things. After that only able to make money in blogging journey.

I will do all setup for your site and my number is 8940379384 (Paid Service & the Charge is Rs.1000) for per month.

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