Doctor Appointment Booking PHP

In this project let’s see how develop Online Doctor Appointment Booking PHP MySQL Project System. Once upon a time we directly go the hospital for further treatments. But now everything was changed like just in one phone call, doctor comes to our home. So everything was updated on more efficient to comfort everyone who are looking for smartest way.

The system mostly worked on the situation if we are alone in our home. Then able to appoint doctor to fix the disease. Otherwise we directly go to the hospital via the proper appointment from the nurse or hospital helpline assistants.

So here the conversation between both of Patients & Doctors and the intermediator. Nowadays appointment is must for every hospitals, that’s why companies, college students also take this project to challenge the risk.

Project Overview

Above introduction helps to understand the project. Hereafter will discuss about project requirements and coding concepts. Then only students are understand the overview, features, proposed existing system. However here most of modules are under on proposed system. Because no one like this website with extra added features.

When the patient book appointments, particular doctor’s accept or reject the request. Patients able to see the list of doctors in nearby hospital & also check doctors status that means their availability to attend the patients. The doctor able to also reschedule appointment based on her availability.

Language & Tool

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. PHP
  5. AJAX
  6. MySQL
  7. Sublime Text

We need to create 25 plus modules for manage Doctors & Patients. Through the admin panel give accessing permission for both users. Doctor’s able to see some details like how many patients are book appointment per day, analyze the disease, out patient status and more categories are analyzed via the forms.

Doctor Appointment Features

  1. In this project more features only on patients because here the end users are customers only. That’s why specially give more permissions for accessing benefits.
  2. Patients able to see the list of available doctors.
  3. Ask the price for particular disease.
  4. Free Consultation from home for some doctors only who are provide this service.
  5. Online Fees Mode
  6. Detailed prescription

Based on doctors we get more features but generally here every patients are feel this is good management system. Especially developed for college final year students like MCA, BCA, B.Tech departments. Suppose if you are BCA Students ? click here to explore more PHP projects.

How to Run ?

Let’s download the full source code of doctor appointment booking PHP MySQL project in next section. If you are facing any errors just comment below we are sort out within a days. Because we have more than 5 plus years experience in PHP.

doctor appointment php
  1. Download the Source Code
  2. Import from xampp/htdocs/doctor-appointment
  3. Create Database & Import the sql file which is located on source code folder
  4. Execute the file of index.php
  5. Open Browser
  6. Then type localhost/doctor-appointment
  7. Now project is successfully opened.

Doctor Appointment Booking Source Code

This project developed by core PHP, not using any frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter etc. The reason it was not a high scalable project that’s why used Core otherwise we also prefer for laravel framework to the best result.

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