Doctor Appointment Android App Source Code

In this tutorial we will see how create online doctor appointment android app system project. Some peoples have don’t physical movements so they are looking for online service. When visit this software we provide best and qualified doctors based on their specification.

Some private hospitals are organize this features for their own customers & others are access third party services. For example if our websites visible online, then peoples are book doctors via our website. Generally government doctors are not involving those activities. Because they have no rights to working tow places at a same time.

Separately we have develop admin panel project using PHP. You can integrate the admin panel for this project based on your requirements.

How it’s working

First we have list out entire hospital list from various major cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Trichy, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc. We assigned the doctor specification on their profile because that’s very important. Some doctors are expert in eye, kidney, heart and more things. Each patients has different disease so we separately aligned the doctor list.

After select the doctors, then we explain about the disease details. Hereafter doctor getting notification from particular use who affect the disease. Finally doctors analyze her routines then allot the appointment if he is free on time.


  1. Easy to filter the doctors
  2. Flexible timing
  3. Disease based treatments
  4. Online & Offline Consultation
  5. Online Payments
  6. Able to Book appointment based on our availability
  7. Read review about every doctors & also each doctor portfolio listed on their public profile. The purpose is then only we identify the doctor experience and results.

Still minor features are available on this project. So download our code or in the next section we will add the output files.

Doctor Appointment Android App

Okay let’s start how to implement doctor appointment project using Java. It’s overall managed by some hospitals or software teams are manage the application. Every updates are send via email or mobile number (WhatsApp or Normal Messages).

For example if some patients are book one doctor appointment via the application .Then immediately doctor receiving notification with disease full details and address.


  1. Java (android studio)
  2. Google Firebase
  3. Map API

Doctor appointment Android App Credentials

Every doctors have own credential which is provided by hospital or they are manually create new accounts. After create the account doctor will update the his/her availability everyday. For example he not able to attend any patients then he will be update leave from the particular application.

Then the doctor name is not showing on website until he active on normal stage. Check below output file that’s clearly explained the rules.

doctor appointment android app

Doctor Appointment Android App Screenshots

Actually this project has lot of features with material design layout. So surely you like this project and it was executed fine in our device. In additionally we give output files for clarify the projects.

doctor appointment android app project
doctor appointment android patient login

Download Code

I hope above all code and images are helps to build hospital doctor appointment project using android studio. Individual login for both of patients and doctors so easily able to manage both users. The admin panels are developed by material design so it’s liked by every peoples.

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