Django PayPal Integration

In this tutorial I have explain how develop Django PayPal Integration using Python. I hope already you know about PayPal value, which is one of the best online payment providers. Widely a lot of users and developers are using PayPal for send and receive payment.

For example most of trusted and large companies are provide only PayPal and credit card payment option. Like Codecanyon, Themeforest, Google and more top companies are suggest PayPal payment method.

Because through this we easily transfer and request money across this world via Email id. Already we have to verify our debit card and bank account KYC. Then only our account is activated and able to make online transactions.

WordPress sites provide plugins fro integrate the payment gateways like Instamojo, Payumoney, Razorpay and more. But software companies are looking for manual integration process because clients are demand separate gateway for accessing payments.

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Instamojo is very easiest and popular plugin for receive and accept payments. Behind the reason is they are provide all payment options like UPI, Debit & Credit Card, NetBanking etc.

Project Objective

Before starting this project once read official documentation. After that you get clear idea about how integrate the payment gateway to your website. Already we have develop payment gateway project in PHP language, you can also check the article for more clarification.

Because the steps are same, code only different. So you can follow the integration steps on PHP projects. For more read PayPal Python program official integration guide.

How it’s working

Initially we get Salt key and password for integrate the PayPal account to our application. After checking the demo we receive and request payment to anyone who have PayPal id.

In the other gateway like Instamojo they are automatically complete their process. But here we manually need to setup all the things for connect the page. However it’s not difficult, if we have good knowledge in Pythin then easily complete the steps and activate payments.

django paypal gateway example

This output will be opened when you have complete the payments, For more features like push notification, we need to extend our future traffic.

Similarly this page always active on request payment to someone. So in our end we have to update the those things on your code. The full details like even PayPal logo also added on homepage results.

Every developers are initially check the project status otherwise it’s not able to work popularly on your device.

Download Code

I hope above all steps are helps to integrate python PayPal payment gateway providers. In additionally we have to manually set the particular domain. Suppose if you are facing any issues just comment below we will help to fix the error.

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