Dating App Android Studio

In this article I have explain how create dating App Android Studio Platform. Tinder is one of the best dating android application for make new friends and peoples. It’s differ from social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram etc. Because it’s specially developed for chat with dating functionality with new peoples.

So here I explain how we develop Online chatting and dating android app using Java in Android Studio IDE. Actually dating app is not a easy task for everyone doing this application. This project has more complicated issues so we carefully develop every modules. when we miss the steps then again need to re-develop some of functions.

Therefore first implement basic steps after that move on code section. Then only we get clear idea about full concepts. Otherwise can’t able to develop perfect android application.

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We have to use below libraries for create dating application.

  1. okhttp3
  2. swipecards
  3. Retrofit2
  4. ButterKnife
  5. LeakCanary

Create Project

Okay let’s start how create dating android application using android studio. This section already I explained about the libraries usage and each library very important for build this project. Already you know about every library features. So directly we start the tutorial without explaining further library files.

Generally this type of applications are liked by most of youngsters because it’s very entertainment concept. Facebook also getting biggest market place via the chat system. Similarly this concept also same of chat between new peoples.

Dating App Android Studio Functionalities

  1. Client Server REST API
  2. Managing all photos
  3. Storing & Accessing data from MySQL database.
  4. Real Time Chat with Text Messages, attachments
  5. Notification System using Firebase

Dating App Android Features

Application has lot of unique features when we compared to other social media networks. Some features are explained below,

  1. Able send message anyone
  2. Like, Comment, Share options
  3. Post Photos & Videos
  4. Audio Call
  5. Voice Recording
  6. Request to anyone
  7. No restrictions


Above functionalities and library files are overall helps to analyze projects. In below I have add the output files and which is helps to understand the application. If it’s not okay for you then move on next section, but this project has so many features.

dating app android studio
dating app androi studio project
dating ap android studio chat

For more screenshots download the source code in upcoming section. Already we are tested in our device and it’s successfully executed on your laptop.

Source Code

hope above all code & explanation helps to build dating application. I told this project has lot of features and surely liked by your clients. In additionally we able send message for anyone who register this application unlike Facebook. But in the Facebook app, we not able to send message for unknown persons. So here this problem was solved.

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