Create VPN App Android

In this article I will explain how create VPN App android studio IDE. Current days most of college students & developers are using VPN (Virtual Private Network). Because through this we able to protect our self from anyone such as government, hackers, internet service providers etc. This is the major reason for everyone like to using VPN server.

Recently Tamil Nadu government announcing like we are arrest who are watching porn movies from internet. So in that time peoples are using VPN to protect their identity, because VPN helps to hide our public and private IP address.

So for the privacy reason still most of organization and developers are browse website in the help of VPN. When we do this no one able to identify to track our history. A lot of free and premium VPN services are available on internet. And another major reason is we able to watch any website which is officially block by government.

If you have strong knowledge in server end then you can able to develop own VPN server. Because buyers read to bought your VPN application. In the play store number of VPN apps are available to provide quality of services. However fakes sites also available and no more features.

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Create Project

Okay let’s see how create VPN android web application using android studio platform. Here we don’t need database for store any data from server or client side. Because this is like redirection process so we did not store any customer information.

Therefore in this example we dis not create Database. If you are plan to store some information then go for database section. Otherwise it’s full time wasting process. And no code technologies are applied on this system.


  1. Protect your privacy, images documents etc.
  2. User friendly navigation
  3. Able to access location
  4. Easily connect VPN sites
  5. High speed bandwidth
  6. No additional fees
  7. Secure VPN connection.
  8. Unblock the sites via proxy server

And still lot of features are available based on the user requirements. This is very easy process, because in our end we need to hide user IP address. So through this I hope we easily implement this application on your end. However I strongly recommend to use android studio IDE.

Create VPN App Android Studio Screenshots

Hackers are maximum use public/private key. for hide our IP address. If IP hide then on one able to track our website status. In this tutorial we cover those mistakes and steps for how create VPN android application using android platform.

Once check the screenshot images after that you get clear idea for new students. Some peoples are awesome and try to find our website address & contact number.

create vpn app android studio

We manually recommend to use WordPress plugins. Hereafter automatically our services are showing on end of the screen.

Create VPN App Android Source Code

I hope above all code’s are helps to build perfect VPN application, Through this you can easily implement on your android application. In our devices it’s working fine without any issues so please inform us when you are facing issues.

Moreover sometimes we need to reveal our IP address for communicate with new one. If you are plan to post this application on play store ? Then learn about how SEO works & increase WordPress performance using GTmetrix platform.

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