Create Collect Payment Link without Payment Gateway

In this tutorial I explain how to create collect payment link for without any payment gateway integration. Because mostly every payment gateway providers are asking about GST, current account cheque leaf, Business PAN and more documents are mandatory. So most of the merchants are struggle to getting approval for collecting payments from end users such as students, event conductors, customers etc.

Here I explain how to collect payment for without applying and approval of payment gateway integrations. Already number of providers are available however it’s not a easy task to complete KYC documentation from our end.

Alternatively you can try Cosmofeed, through this you can create courses page, payment link, event, locked contents, social media link sharing and more. Just signup without entering any documents, because they are asking only phone number, email address. That’s enough to getting instant approval & no waiting time for connect with our live websites.

Video Tutorials

Already I make one video for how create account and making payment link for collect payments from user side. If you have any doubt regarding this just watch my video after that you are getting some idea like how to connect with cosmofeed website.

All Products – Create Collect Payment Link

  1. Community
  2. Event
  3. Locked Content
  4. Courses
  5. Telegram Integration
  6. Payment Page

They are provide lot of customization options for setup our pages. For example you can able to set logo, cover image/video, brand colors, page redirect URL and more features are available. Before coming Cosmofeed most of the merchants/creators are using Instamojo but now they are migrate into Cosmofeed when look at the number of benefits.

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Screenshot – Demo

Once check out below demo after that you are getting some idea like how the functionalities and pages are worked & how it’s differs from others.

create payment link cosmofeed
create collect payment link without payment gateway
payment link cosmofeed

Features – Create Collect Payment Link

  1. Instant Approval
  2. No need to waiting for Approval Steps
  3. No need to submit KYC
  4. GST, Current Account not mandatory
  5. Easy Payout
  6. Wallet System
  7. Sell Courses, Event, Locked Content
  8. Responsive design
  9. Razorpay Integration
  10. All Payment methods like UPI/QR Code/Debit Credit Card/Net Banking/Wallet etc

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