Coaching Institute App Android Studio

In this tutorial I explain how to develop Coaching Institute App Android studio platform using Java programming languages. Already in the previous app we are published simple study material app like download PDF documents, online quiz (exam), audio, video files and more. Because most of the institutions are currently takes classes on online mode. Behind the reason is it’s very comfortable, time saving, easy to use and more features are available.

Recent days number of advanced and good educational apps are launched by colleges or some of private organization. The reason is everyone have smartphone with latest technology, so they are easily able to understand technical apps with existing features. So here me also develop and publish one better source for students & organizations who are try to deliver good one.

Here we are focus only passed out students, job seekers, promotion from existing job. Because they have already some idea and easily able to collapse new technical things. Moreover navigation, buttons, deigns and most of the things are very mandatory to get some rank on industries. Before following this article just once visit our published content to get more ideas.

Create Project – Coaching Institute App Android

Let’s see the steps for how create coaching class institution apps for passed out students who are preparing government based exams. These days most of the private organization share their materials on social media sites. As a result everyone able to access the content with pay particular amount for accessing top materials.

For that first we have to manually enter all of information such as PDF, audio files, Video, Quiz (options based) etc. It’s based on user wish, they are able to attend any type of contents in the collections based on their departments. In the admin panel category wise we able to order a things like TNPSC, Police, IAS, SI, IPS and more.

Admin Panel

Each & every admin has own space for upload their daily contents such as exam, PDF documents, Word Doc etc. User management also available, it means admin assign editor & so many roles are available. Maximum of contents are fully stored on admin panel & n front-end view just open the specified contents.

With help of admin panel we can able to track and access all of steps & data from users end. Moreover database also very important to store all of information such as User Name, Mobile Number, Address, Place, Email Address, etc.


  1. Login/Register
  2. OTP (Not works) If you want then we have to buy the messaging pack for further integrations.
  3. Main Dashboard
  4. Collection of PDF Documents
  5. Audio Files
  6. Online Quiz
  7. Examination System
  8. Result
  9. Logout (Optional)
  10. Voice Note
  11. YouTube Video


Once check out our output files, after that you are getting some idea like how it’s working and what are changes need to make attractive & quality products. Hereafter make fewer changes based on your client or own requirements. Somehow errors are raised based on modification but for that we have more knowledge to handle those errors.

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Features – Coaching Institute App Android

Number of features are available on this application like easy to use, user friendly navigation, material design, scrolling, animation, progress bar and more benefits are available. To know more just contact us for further clarification & full demos.

Source Code – Coaching Institute App Android

I hope above all explanation and source code helps to build better application based on your requirements. If you have own designs then also it’s possible, we designed everything which is available on your mind. Additionally you have to pay extra amount, if exceed our existing requirements.

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