Chat Application using PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Chat Application using PHP & MySQL. Nowadays chat concept is one of the biggest module in every application. For example in our day to life, everyone’s are using social media chat application such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. So in this article we see about how create similar of Facebook or other social media related chat application using PHP.

Already in the previous articles we are developed chat application like Facebook. But that has limited features only, so here covering advanced technologies. Before that once visit the previous chat app code, after that you get some idea about this project.

You can pin this script in any type of PHP projects. Most of blog owners are access third party plugin of Twilio to communicate with customers. In most of cases that’s not a good way. The reason is our entire data is not secure and may be they are selling our data from someone. This is the major reason for why most of tech peoples are not access third party services.

Alternatively you can use this project, so don’t worry about security problem. Once you are done then every peoples are easily navigate your site via chat options. Initially we are implement the every modules based on our own requirements.


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. PHP
  5. MySQL
  6. Bootstrap

Create Project

Okay let’s see how to create the chat application project with help of MySQL database. Without database also we can able to develop chat app, but we can’t store user messages. So here we are strongly recommend to go for MySQL or Firebase database.

If you are plan to deploy this project on server then go for Firebase because cloud database has multiple features. When compared to the MySQL, Firebase is one of the and top speed network. Through the websocket we have communicate the protocols from list of connected networks.

I hope already you know what is Web Socket & we have to use the concept in this project. Simply I explain WebSocket API helps to make the two ways interactive communication from client to server. For example you can send messages to server & receive response without server reply messages.

This application only supports making Audio calls and messages. If you are like add video call service then you have separately implement more code for activate the video call features. However in this project you can able to send the attachments like images, documents, audio files, text etc.

Chat Application Features

  1. No account need for send messages
  2. You can directly connect the admin
  3. Login feature also available but optional
  4. Admin able to directly send messages in private or public mode.
  5. Send attachments
  6. Timer functionalities

These are major features, you can feel this when installing on your server. Moreover minor benefits also available but that’s common for every other chat applications.

Chat Application using PHP Screenshot

One check the output file of how it’s looks like after executing on your device. Later that you can change the layout as per your own taste. Because here we need only concepts not a designs. That’s why we are spending most of times only on development modules.

chat application using php
chat application php mysql

Source Code

I hope above output files and explanations are helps to build this project. Actually this is very easiest project so don’t waste you most of time on this concept. For more clarification you can get existing previous code of Chat application using PHP and MySQL database.

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