Charity Management System PHP

Here let’s see how develop Charity Management System PHP, HTML, CSS & MySQL language. Before start his first understand the categories then we have proceed this system. Because charity has available in various categories like food, homeless, financial etc.

However here I have implement donation based charity who are interest to donate amount for some charity. For example if I am willing to pay some amount for my nearest charity trust, then I have to register my name & via the online payment send the particular amount.

Most of charity trusts are executed on this way, it’s also called as fund raising crowdfunding system. In India Milaap is one of the best & trusted free fundraiser website for below category reasons.

  1. Medical
  2. Memorials
  3. Education
  4. Children
  5. Sports
  6. Community
  7. Women
  8. Technology
  9. Social Entrepreneurship
  10. Arts & Media
charity management system php

Suppose if any emergency problem for money relates issues. Just join Milaap & start to raise the fund. Most of fundraisers are share their own experience on the websites.

Charity Management Project Modules

Here we need totally 3 modules. They are,

  1. Donors
  2. Volunteer
  3. Admin – Trust
  1. Donors – Actually donors able to donate money for the particular trust. In other hand Trust admin also request fund for some of existing donors for the emergency purpose. Mostly lot of features are covered in this project. As a result easily find out the sponsored person.

2. Volunteer – Who have interest to provide food or money in some of trust, they are also register their address for providing fund.

3. Admin – Admin have full access permission who manage all the details like donors details, expenses, information and more.

Charity Management Features

When go on the section of feature, here there is no because this project have enough just 3 modules only. Because the concept of donation, so not able to add more related information.

Finally no particular features available on this project. Overall this system on of the best featured system for collecting money who are struggles & financially poor status.


Front-End : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back-End : PHP

Database : Anirudh

Editor : Visual Studio Code IDE (Strongly Recommended)

I hope already you have knowledge in the particular domain of HTML CSS technology. Because that was very & nowadays most of companies looking for Python Developer. So in your free time try to develop projects for further reference.

Download Source Code

In the above section every module was explained and charity management system PHP code is available in free of cost. If facing any error just comment below we will try to solve your queries. For more PHP project check our project category pages for expose more real time applications.

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