Car Rental App Flutter

In this article I have explained how to create Car Rental App Flutter framework using Dart programming language. Through this app you can book your favorite car on anytime and charges are calculated based on Kilo Meter. Suppose if you are drive just 20km then we have some certain amounts. Some companies are calculated charges based on timing like if you are using 24 hours, then your cost assigned based on time duration.

Both are best but in the city side no one take out rent method. May be in the city side this type of business going fine without any loss. So here we are create simple and more feature apps, through this you can sell and rent the application. It’s very useful for both of owners and users who are plan to rent the car. Already number of companies are available in market, but the app design, layouts are not looking fine.

car rental app flutter

That’s why here we are plan to use Flutter framework to get the best results. When we are develop apps using Flutter then our apps looks like very nice. Hereafter every users are like to visit our application. This is the major reason for why everyone suggest to use Dart programming language. May be in the initial time only it will be hard to understand the code. But after going few you are the master in the particular domain.

Create Project – Car Rental App Flutter

Let’s see the steps for how create Car Rental App using Dart code. Before start the project first you have to create database on MySQL then easily able to integrate the Dart language. Firebase also best but most of person know about only SQL queries that’s why here am using MySQL database. In the upcoming days we are publishing Flutter with Firebase car rental app using dart program.

Firebase s very easiest cloud database, however students are not like to working with on those technologies. So once you have to try this if okay then proceed with sample projects. Hereafter you get clear cut idea for how access & manage the database.


  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. MySQL Database
  4. PHP
  5. API Services

Screenshot – Car Rental App Flutter

Once check the rental app output images after that you get some idea like how it’s executed on our device. For example purpose we are adding some card only, so after conform the project you have to manually add the car list based on your company requirement. In our country maximum of peoples have Maruti Suzuki car because it’s good and no maintenance cost. This is the major reason why everyone should go for buy the car.

Moreover we have to add multiple brand cars then only get orders from customers end. Because every customer have some own experience on the particular car. So we have to add top and best selling car based on user reviews.

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login form dart
car rent flutter app android dart program
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Source Code

I hope above all contents are helps to create the care rental project. The project interface and icons are looks like very nice so surely it’s getting good user reviews. Later that you can change the option like replace or add the option for selling cars. Or additionally add one field for sellers who are like to rent their cars. Similar of Flipkart, Amazon shopping sites are arrange sellers to distribute the products.

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