Car Cab Booking Android

In this article let’s see how develop Car Cab Booking Android Application. These days everything was converted into digital way. So easily everyone book taxi via mobile number, WhatsApp call, online website booking and more ways. Therefore here I show you how implement the project of Car Cab Booking system in Android Studio IDE.

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Most of college students also now select android domain because software companies also hire mobile app developers. Before that when I was studying college in the year of 2014 to 2016, we are select PHP language to complete final year projects.

So now your question was PHP is Not Worth ah ?

No, PHP is worth to Learn. I mean when compare both of PHP & Android, every language has unique features. Through the PHP we can able to develop web applications & Java helps to build mobile apps.

Project Overview

Actually this is very simple project, so here I was suggest you to e-commerce project like Amazon. When working on online shopping sites, you get idea about more techniques. That was helps to know more about android terms.

car cab booking android studio

Nowadays city side peoples are using OLA cabs for travel purposes instead of using own vehicles.

This project also same of OLA, later that you can customize the user interfaces as your client requirements.

We are living in digital world so everyone’s are migrate into the smarted way like convert into digital payments.

Mostly tech companies gives lot of offers for users who have own website & apps. They are spend more money for advertisements, branding etc. Then only peoples are start to order our services.

  1. Customers
  2. Drivers


Here explain the list of both customer & Driver usages.


  • Customer choose the vehicle types
  • Select the location
  • Check Price
  • Able to create & cancel the booking stage
  • Customer receive notification when the driver pick up the phone.

2. Drivers

  1. Driver able to accept & cancel the booking.
  2. Driver can see booking history
  3. Confirm the pick-up location
  4. Give confirmation the services.


Once see the screenshots then you have to decide whether this project okay for you or not. If concept and designs okay then go upcoming section for get the source code.

car cab booking android
car cab booking android studio screenshot

Download Source Code

I hope above all contents was helps to understand the projects. Everything was designed well in concept oriented & it may be helps for college final year students who are looking for perfect car booking project.

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