Bus Ticket Reservation PHP

Bus Ticket Reservation PHP – In this article we discuss about how develop online bus ticket booking management system using PHP MySQL. These days most college students programming choice is PHP only. Because it was very easy to use when compare other programming language like Java, Python, Angular, React, Flutter etc. Basic knowledge of HTML CSS is required for learn about PHP.

bus ticket reservation php

Generally PHP used for develop dynamic websites. Through this we can able to implement high level web application also. WordPress framework developed in PHP language. So it’ worth for learning.


Before starting the project, once I have to share what are things we need for this bus ticket system project.

  1. Install XAMPP Server
  2. Sublime Text or Notepad ++ Editor
  3. Google Chrome or Firefox
  4. After installing XAMPP Server, just start Apache & MySQL server
  5. Place your code C:/xampp/htdocs/your_project
  6. for execution open browser & type localhost/your_project

That’s all enough for execute this project without any interruption.

Create New Project

Okay let’s start our tutorial for online bus seat booking system. Actually PHP is very easiest language. If you know very well HTML and CSS. Then you can easily design & implement projects. Here project was created by framework model, so core PHP users are little bit hard to understand. But don’t worry its okay for all users.

Full project source codes are given by end of the articles. Because when I have add this, post looks like jam & the code also easy to understand. So don’t need to explain all of the source code.


Before developing this project once check the application output screen. Then you have to start to implement & customize the project as your taste of design.

Import database

The first step is start Apache and MySQL services. Then open the browser and visit localhost/phpmyadmin. The MySQL database dashboard are showing. Create one database and give some name for that. After that click import button and select the file of bus_ticket.sql file. Then it will be successfully imported without any error.

Import Source Code

Database section is over. Then come to on front-end side for design the page. In below I will give the full source code of Bus Ticket Reservation using PHP. So download the project and and place from the c directory like the path is C:/xampp/your_projectname.

Then change the database name from the file of database.php. This file located on under the inc folder. If you are change user name also, change from or otherwise just leave as per the file.

Run the Project

So now all of the things are finished. It’s time to execute you project on your machine. To run the project open google chrome browser and type localhost/project_name then click enter. Hereafter project will be displayed. Suppose if you are face any issues, just comment below, I will try to solve a doubts.,

Download Project

Finally I hope above explanations are understand you without any doubt. More PHP projects are listed in my blog. So if you want any PHP project just visit my blog, you get full source code free of cost. Click below button to download the entire PHP & MySQL code.

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