Blood Donation App Android Source Code

In this article I have explained how develop Blood donation app android studio platform with free of cost. Through the application you can manage both of blood donors and recipients. These days most of public peoples are volunteer o donate their bloods who urgently need the services. Therefore here we need one application for send and receiving blood from various type of peoples.

Already we are uploads Blood management App in Android platform but that has limited features only. That’s why here specially published this application for college students & working professionals who are looking for blood donation apps. Moreover designs are very nice & user friendly navigation without any interruption.

blood donation app android source code

In this project has totally three main modules which is entirely rule the application. So every processes are getting response on the current modules & integrated with exiting forms. Therefore when are request on server side, it’s automatically updates on our application. Behind the reason is Google Firebase Cloud database coding steps.

Here we are using Firebase for store & retrieve data from server end. On the other hand data updated on real-time basis, so we easily customize the application based on latest updates. Suppose if you have no proper knowledge on Firebase then should go for other one like MySQL or SQLite, MongoDB.

Main Modules

  1. Blood Donors
  2. Blood Recipient
  3. Admin Panel (Who control both of Donors & Recipient)

Blood Donors – Blood Donation App Android

Blood donors are initially need to give them details like Name, Address, Contact Number, Blood Group, Age and more details. The purpose is, in the emergency time the managements or hospital employees will call the particular person regarding donate blood. If he is willing to donate the blood, then he came on exact place where patient admitted.


  1. Login/Register
  2. Personal Information
  3. Credits (Calculate the entire history)
  4. Reminder
  5. Payments

Some of patients or hospitals are pay amount for donors who are willing to donate the blood. Therefore payment gateway also will integrated on future updates on this application.

Blood Recipient

The recipients are like individual person or comes from hospital background. For that the process is, first ask details about health condition like blood group, disease and few details into the person. If everything is okay then proceed next section to receive the blood from donors. However on the back-end hospital also helps to get blood from various destinations.


Admin have full access control for manage the communication for both of recipient & donors.Actually admin have full rights to execute the operation without asking permission into recipient or donors. For example admin can send mail or phone call to a donors in the emergency time.

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Blood Donation App Android Screenshot

Already in the above section I have add main dashboard page screenshot for understand the projects structure. Moreover in below you can saw more output files for getting better idea for blood donation app using Java in android studio platform.

blood donor app login page
blood donation app android studio java

Blood Donation App Android Source Code

Above all source code project explanations are helps to build the better navigation menu and more features. I hope this project surely helps to create perfect blood donation application on your rural or city based areas. Because some peoples have no opportunity to work on multinational company.

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