Blood Bank Management System Android

In this article we see how develop online blood bank management system android studio. Nowadays most of students are donate their bloods from hospitals. Behind the reason was everyone knows about the fact of donation benefits like it’s very good our health.

Before that most of peoples are afraid to donate the bloods, if give face health issues. That’s why not give blood to other, relatives, disease peoples. But now everything was changed because mostly all the students are attend the workshop when studying college or school.

According to that here implement online blood donation concept project using Java Android Studio. In my previous article already I post same project in Python language. If you need that just go on & check the project feature of Blood Donation System using Python.

In below I list out that features of this projects & if face any doubts just comment below, we are always online to help our readers.

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Project Overview

Okay let’s start to analyze the entire projects. Totally this system has nine modules including login registration form. That was optional but we need to stop the duplicate entries. Because there is a possibility to login unknown peoples who have no credentials.

In the hospital database every donors contact list are safely saved. Because it was used when someone urgently need blood for any other emergency purposes. For example stocks also maintained in every blood groups, if not there then only contact nearest branches.


On the other hand a lot of features are available in this management. That was explained below,

  • Specific Login Page for Blood donors, so able to check the status
  • If need then the particular persons ask from hospital to donate the blood.
  • As as result management always maintain the stocks
  • 100 plus donors contact list in database

Blood Bank Management Screenshot

Here I have add the screenshot of blood donation project which is also used for find the blood donors. Who already donate blood in the particular place. Every record was saves as a future purpose so only in the urgent time able to call the persons.

I hope this screenshot helps to analyze this project. In the upcoming section I have add the source code of blood bank management system android studio.

Apart from this article you also donate bloods from your nearest hospital. Because it was very good for our health, most of doctors are strongly recommend to give others.

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