Blogger Hosting Plan

In this article let’s see the Blogger Hosting Plan details. Nowadays most of college students and working professionals are plan to start a blog. Because through the blogging we able to generate passive money. So here I suggest best hosting plans and also other services.

Suppose inf you are a beginner & very complicate to select the Hosting plan ? Don’t worry, end of the article you got clear ideas. In the earliest stage me also facing this issue when am a beginner of blogging domain.

Actually blogging is one of the best part time job. Through this we able to making more money, it’s like investments category. Once we working on blogs, then everyday we receive amounts for the particular works.

Blogger Hosting Plan

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. VPS & Dedicated Server

These are common hosting plan provided by Hostgator, Godaddy, A2 hosting, Bluehost, Siteground, Hostinger etc.

For the better performance I suggest Hostgator. Because they are give full support & if we are facing any issues on our website, then immediately fix our problems. That’s why here I strongly recommend Hostgator company.

You can buy domain anywhere but hosting is more important. Therefore think twice before buying hosting plans.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the starting stage plan for all the websites. Most of small companies, bloggers are select this plan. The major reason is low cost. However it’s perfect match for execute sites in the beginning stage. After getting more visitors then migrate into next level hosting plans.

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Shared hosting manage (3000 Views per day) for your sites. When you cross 3000 plus views on your blog or websites. Then switch to on Cloud hosting or VPS server.

Linux Shared Hosting is better than Windows.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is better option for who are like to working WordPress platform. Some users are select other platforms like Google Blogspot. Suppose if you are choosing WordPress then surely you can go for this plan for better performance results.

wordpress hosting feature
Image Credits – Hostgator

But the cost is high for shared hosting plans. Similarly if you are a technical person then should go for shared hosting plans. Otherwise select this one, if cost is no problem for your career.

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3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is widely used by a lot of bloggers. Because it manage high level traffics and also helps to increase the website performance. This is the major reason for still popular bloggers are select cloud services.

It handles 10K plus view per day. So we did not facing the CPU usage problem but in a shared hosting plan ever time hitting issues when cross the particular limits. Ecommerce sites getting better SEO ranking on cloud service.


  1. SSD Storage
  2. CPU
  3. RAM
  4. High Scalbility
  5. 2x faster than shared hosting

To know the more details read official documentation and price.

4. VPS & Dedicated Server

VPS & Dedicate has own server and we have full rights to manage the server. This plan perfect for who maintain 5 plus server sites. Otherwise VPS no need because the cost is very high and technical knowledge must for manage those servers.

dedicated server benefits

We need technical teams for managing VPS & Dedicated server. So for the blogging purpose, no need to buy a VPS.

Blogger Hosting Plan Performance Tips

Performance is must for all the websites. No one likes slower site so we need to increase our WordPress blog to increase the ranks.

I hope you are a WordPress user follow below steps to improve your website to optimize the contents.

  1. Activate WP Fastest Cache Plugin
    • Cache plugin is must for all websites. Though this we able to optimize our site and sites loads vey faster than normal plans.
  2. The next part is SEO. So go for Yoast or Rankmath
    • I strongly recommend Yoast, because they have more experience in the particular domain than Rankmath company.

Still you have any queries regarding this contact me, I am always online to help my blog readers.

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