Attendance System Android App Source Code

In this tutorial I have explained how create online attendance system android app project without any cost. Actually nowadays most of colleges & schools are converted into digital way for make the attendance works. So here I have explained how we create a android application using java programming languages. Already we are uploads attendance management project using PHP program. However some subscribers are request to make android app in android studio platform.

That’s why here I uploads this article with simple example. Here we are covered only save the attendance details. Moreover you can add more features like marks, personal details, grade and more information. If we are separately maintain software then easily able to access the software without any issues.

In this project we need to create hardware system then only we able to make connection into software code. Because hardware tool is must for store the user or employee attendance details. For example when the students make digital attendance, we need to design the page for read the user details. This project related to internet of things concept. If you have money then buy the hardware tool in amazon website.

Otherwise skip this one and try other project without any hardware tool communication.It’s also of the major reason why most of peoples are did not contribute the IoT projects. For more android project just visit our source code section to get more source code.


  1. Android Studio
  2. Arduino
  3. Firebase
  4. XML

Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how create the perfect android studio attendance system application using java. Alternatively you can also develop via Dart program using Flutter framework. Because nowadays most of android developers are migrate from Java into Dart. The reason is Dart have lot of ready made widgets, easy to use, less & clean code, material design etc.

Here we are using Firebase real time database for automatically store the user details. So it’s very easy to entirely communicate with database management system. For the demo purpose in below I have deliver exact output for delivery management project.


  1. Online Tracking
  2. Login Authentication
  3. Material design
  4. Fastest Navigation
  5. Easy to use
  6. No Technical knowledge
  7. Leave Form
  8. Check the status via backup option

Attendance System Android App Screenshots

Once check the project output file for how the UI will be executed without any issues. Most of peoples are making videos from home without any proper notification. After that we are only contribute with junior developers who are develop android studio projects.

Therefore we hope surely this project entirely change the queries. Add more ore project structure for define the code layout and designs.

attendance sytem android app
attendance system java

Attendance System Android Source Code

I hope above source code helps to build the perfect android stdio application without any investments. However most of peoples are very responsible and did not overtake the procedures. If you are following above steps then you are cable to achieve the dreams. Still you have any doubts regarding this academy because the campus status are in waiting stage or getting approved.

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