Attendance Management System using PHP

In this tutorial I have explained how create online attendance management system project using PHP & MySQL. In the every organization like colleges, schools have attendance system. Because through this only we able to track the students entries. Therefore in this project I explain how this project working and what are changes we made to execute the code.

Similarly it’s like offline attendance but the data stored in server. Then only we able to operate the entire files without any deletion or move file. Already we are published attendance system project using PHP but that’s not so much features. So here we are developing advance attendance system project with high level benefits.


  1. Admin
  2. Student
  3. Teacher
  4. Attendance

Attendance Management System Features

Actually in this project has number of features when compared to other existing code. Because here we are additionally add more functionalities for simplify the works. In below I have list out the major features and may be that’s very useful for all users.

  1. Material Design
  2. Form Validation
  3. Report Generation
  4. Easy to use
  5. User Friendly Navigation
  6. Separate Attendance Sheet
  7. Leave Request
  8. Time Management
  9. Overall Report in Admin Dashboard
  10. Display the Total Students & Employees

Project Screenshots

Once check the project output file. After that you are getting clear idea like how it’s working and what are the modules used in this project. For example it’s like a live demo so end users and admins are easily understand the every forms without any issues.

The attendance form looks like movie theater navigation example. So you can apply this concept from online movie ticket booking system. Moreover via the hardware tools also we able to store the student attendance. But for that we need to buy the external tool for integrate a software tool. That’s why here we are ignore those concept and also we need knowledge in internet of things concept.

attendance management system
attendance management system project using php
attendance management system project php mysql

Admin & Teacher Management System

Both of admin & teacher has unique and more accessing features for track the software. Therefore here we are additionally assign more advantages to each admin who entirely manage the system. For example admin also have permission to customize the attendance reports.


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. PHP
  4. Bootstrap
  5. MySQL

Attendance Management System Source Code

I hope above all steps & output images are helps to run the project. Moreover as per your own requirements, you can modify the designs, but the concepts is good. So never try to change the working modules, if you are changing then it will affect the database.

Suppose if you have good knowledge in Laravel frameworks then go for that instead of Core PHP. Because framework build lot of advantages and the performance also good when compared to Core code. MySQL database used here & it’s perfect for both of small and large scale applications.

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