In this tutorial we see how develop Angular PHP MySQL CRUD example. Angular is one of the best front-end framework for develop web applications. Another major reason was it was maintained and developed by Google company. That’s why most of developers are migrate into Angular. Because we know about the value of Google.

React is the best compete for Angular, but when compare both Angular is best for UI development. Generally everyone know HTML CSS JavaScript so easily able to build web & mobile application via angular. Node Express Type Script also used for communicate to server side.

In 2020 Angular is slowly step by step peak on software industries. Now most of companies are looking for Angular developers who have strong knowledge in MySQL queries.


Before proceed the project, you have strong knowledge for implement queries to get data from server side. I hope already well knowledge in the particular domain of database field. Already you know PHP used for write server side scripting language which is used communicate from database.

Here we use MySQL database for perform Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) operation example. If face any struggle on queries once read about the official documentation for further development.

Angular MySQL Connection

Okay let’s start to connect the code for client side into server side. The queries are very simple, in the beginning only it will be little bit hard to understand the code. As a result easily implement the project on your own system with help of online community.

First we need to create & connect database from Angular to receive from client side. This is CRUD example so we need to store all values which is accessed from the query of PHP.

angular php mysql crud

End of the article I give the full source code of Angular PHP MySQL CRUD example for make the simple operation. Once you do this, then easily able to contribute large scale web applications.

Angular PHP MySQL Source Code

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