Android WebView App with Push Notification

Here I explain how to develop android WebView App with Push Notification using Google Firebase database. Actually nowadays every clients are demanding the Push notification because then only able to remind our customers via alert features. However we can easily do this steps in android native based application. But when comes to Web View based application it’s not a easy one, facing lot of struggles to implement particular features.

WebView is one of the simple concept who have no knowledge in develop native application. So those type of developers/college students option is Web View concept, just convert our web application (website) into mobile based applications. For that also we need Java code to access all features like File Upload, Video Previews, notification and more.

That’s why here we are making steps for how integrate Firebase push notification into our android webview application. Just follow my below steps to do the rest of works. You can download my existing WebView Android Source Code where we covered all above mentioned features.

android webview app
Courtesy – Google (Android)

Android WebView App

Let’s see the steps for how enable push notification for webview based android application. Before start this first you have to download above mentioned source code where we implement all features. Hereafter following below steps to access and authenticate Google Firebase database to pass the messages.

Every application need to send Notification for their customers in any one of purposes like bill reminder, offer sale etc. For that first we have to register JavaScript Interface on android Java Code. After that able to communicate with server side.

Follow Official documentation to complete this task.

Initially user need to accept the notification prompt into the application then only it will regularly showing day to day activities. So first request user access to list out remaining code & it’s looks like below,

btn.addEventListener("click", () => {
  let promise = Notification.requestPermission();
  // wait for permission

However automatic notification not possible on webview based application, manually we have to send alert for every users who are download our application. Because this feature only available on Native based application.

Alternatively try Firebase cloud messaging app to send the message for app users. To do that first setup the instruction to move on further steps. Once read the official documentation setup after that you are getting good idea like how to integrate into our application.

Integration guidelines – Firebase

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