Android Video Player App Android Studio

Android Video Player App Android Studio – In this article i will explain how create Android Video Player Application in Android Studio IDE. Here you can View and Play all videos from your mobile storage and external storage also. It fetch all video files like mp4, hd etc. Current days most of developers are spend time on YouTube channel to make money. Therefore in that time you have to create and publish apps on google play store.

For that Google give lot of money when get more traffic & views. However that’s not a easy because apps users only active when we provide good feature application. When you have buy the new android mobile phone, the device already built one video player that’s third party video player app.

If you are a Android Application Developer and manually like to develop android own video player application then we can easily develop through this article. But Here i will give clean explanation for make the Android Video Player app to play external and internal path storage. So In this application read and get only video format files.

Android Video Player Application

In the domain lots of android and iOS video player application available in google play store. Every users are use them and give review for that, so all of developers are still develop and publish the app in new UI design layout. When give good User Interface Design for our end users then surely they are use android application in life time.

Every video player has unique design and layout. so give good layout for customers and bug free application then only they are like our application. Here just follow my codes to develop proper navigation and layouts. It’s like similar of YouTube shorts/reels, you can create videos and published on same platform. Moreover also able to embed YouTube video into our existing application.

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Recyclerview concept i have used to get and play videos. You can easily understand recycler view concept for adopt code.

Create New Project

Okay let’s start first create new project, choose some activity and give some package name for that. After creating project open the default file of file and add following code,

To making the main activity file we develop the video activity for read and play the video file from our internal and external storage. So Android Video Player App Android Studio, will be automatically fetch and play videos in our video player application.

Video Activity File

We have create new file for read video files from our android mobile storage. So here i create file for, you can give any name for that then add following below code,

Additionally need to make new three folders for List the Video Item for our android video player application. But the code length is very long so finally i give the full source code of this project. For more read this article for video gallery application.

Android Video Player App Android Studio Source Code

Hey folks this is for you download and enjoy Source code of Android Video Player Application in Android Studio. If you face any difficulties just comment below to clarify your queries. Current days a lot of video player applications are available on play store.