Android Studio Projects

Here I explain the list of Android Studio Projects with free source code using Java. Currently most of software companies are hiring mobile application developers. The reason is everyone has smartphone with latest features. Therefore clients are demand mobile based user friendly apps. So every IT companies are looking for application developer who have well knowledge in Java, Angular, Swift, React, Python and more.

Once upon a time, website designing & development is the starting designation. But now it was changes and the initial job posting is application developer. Through the WordPress we easily able to create any type of websites within a hours. For that no technical knowledge and programming code’s are not needed. This is the major reason for why most of companies are stop to hire website developer.

But app development job has good with high salary package. First you have to learn how manually create & deploy the code on server. For example Flutter is one of the best framework for developing both of Android and iOS application. So no need to separate OS for install the application. Nowadays moss developers


Actually we need some of minimum configuration for execute the android studio software. For example through the Government laptop we can’t install the software. Because it takes more spaces from Ram. That’s why I told like we minimum configuration file for run the android application.

  1. i3 Processor (i5 Recommended)
  2. 8GB Ram Recommended (Minimum 4GB)
  3. Android Studio IDE

Apart from this we are also regularly posting PHP projects with source code. Suppose if you are a PHP developers then surely it’s helps to learn more projects with free documentation and student reports.

Android Studio Projects

Okay let’s see the list of android studio projects using Java & Firebase or MySQL database. Every projects are already tested in our device, so you can directly download the code and import from android studio software.

android studio projects
  1. Online Doctor Appointment
  2. Taxi or Car Booking apps
  3. Job Portal apps for bot of job seekers & Job posters
  4. Fitness (GYM) App
  5. Instagram App
  6. Grocery Shopping Store
  7. Zomato Food Delivery App
  8. E-Commerce App
  9. School Bus Tracking
  10. Photo Editor App
  11. Netflix Clone
  12. Chat Application
  13. Blood Bank System
  14. Movie Ticket Booking System
  15. Online Banking App
  16. Uber Clone
  17. Railway Ticket Reservation
  18. Buy & Sell App (Similar of OLX)
  19. Quiz App
  20. WhatsApp Status Saver
  21. Card Game
  22. Event Management System
  23. Car & Bike Race game
  24. Cricket Game
  25. Library Management
  26. Women Safety App
  27. News App

Project Screenshots

Here we are fully listed the project benefits and guideline for easily recover the projects source code. Moreover you can easily manage the flipkart site to deliver the perfect results. Each project need UPI payments for receive the payments.

Android Studio Projects Source Code

Click above button to read the tutorial and finally download the source code. In future we surely uploads more projects and getting unique place is best bloggers or programmers list in Tamil Nadu. I hope mentioned documents are easy to use and have any queries just contact us for more information.

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