Android Studio Chat App

In this tutorial I have explained how develop Android Studio Chat App with source code in android studio platform. Already we saw some articles for developing real time chat application. But that’s outdated so here I have create perfect and advanced chat application. Here am using Firebase database for store the end users messages.

If you have own server then we suggest MySQL database because need more storage for developing chat apps. Moreover we may receive lot of images, video files and more documents. So local database spaces are not enough to manage all the files.

However in this example I have demonstrate java with Firebase cloud database integration. This project works like a real WhatsApp application and same features. For example we able to upload new WhatsApp status and view someone status in our mobile.

Initial step is mobile number authentication and it’s working only on server. Suppose if you are run locally then user authentication not working and it terminate the further steps.


  1. Java’
  2. XML
  3. Firebase
  4. Android Studio

Firebase helps to store the user text, audio, video, documents etc. And the IDE is Android studio alternatively you can also using Visual Studio code. But android studio is the recommended editor for developing mobile applications.

Android Studio Chat App

Okay let’s see how create chat application similar of WhatsApp application. Storage is the only problem for chat application, I mean we need more space for store the user information. Because we did not predict the users history and files.

That’s why I told we need extra spaces for storing the upcoming files. Firebase maximum allow 5GB storage after that it will be exceed and further processes are stopped.


  1. Mobile Number Authentication
  2. Access the camera & send files to someone
  3. Share images, text, documents etc
  4. Able to view friends status
  5. Create new WhatsApp Status
  6. Audio Recording
  7. Backup the media files & Messages

Still number of features are available on this project. So once you have to download the source code and execute on your device. After that you are feel like it’s very useful for communicate with friends, colleagues, relatives and more.

Moreover you have full permission to deploy this project on Google play store. And don’t worry about the copyright strikes problem. Because it’s clean code and legally integrate all the functionalities without any issues.

However AdMob is not integrated on this example. But we have tutorial for beginners to implement adaptive banner ads for between our application.

Android Studio Chat App Screenshots

Once check the Chat application using android studio screenshots. Then you are getting clear idea about like how it’s working and what are the steps we need to following for making the system. It’s xerox of WhatsApp android application so you are really enjoyed this one.

android studio chat app
android studio chat app authentication
android studio whatsapp profile photo
android studio app status

Source Code

I hope above projects are helps to develop perfect chat application using Flutter. Current feature are mostly we covered so really your are feel like awesome. We are always follow our code and give the best updates for them. Hereafter only those type of couples are not working fine.

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