Android News App Source Code

In this article we are explain how create android news app with source code in android studio platform. News app is essential for everyone and most of bloggers and media companies are earn money via channel. So students and developers are looking for high featured application like daily hunt, daily thanthi, Hindustan Times etc.

Actually news app development is very easy when we are integrating someone API services. Otherwise it will be very complicated and taking more time for read the news. A lot of news API available for integrate our services. Suppose if you have technical skill peoples and facility then you have to start from scratch.

However we need high scalable server and 24 hours monitoring need for maintain the news website. Here we are developing this project in android studio platform. Additionally we need third party libraries for implement this application.

Third Party Library

  1. Glide
  2. Gson
  3. Retrofit
  4. ButterKnife


  1. Android Studio IDE
  2. Java
  3. XML
  4. News API

Android News App – Create Project

Okay let’s start to create android news application with a help of API service. Initially as usual create project and then need to develop modules for display the news. The results are like listed via Recyclerview because it’s comfortable for view the news. Or we have choose Grid system but most of media channels are using recyclerview concepts.

For the web application we need to integrate both of PHP & MYSQL. Then only able to integrate with java program. Already I have develop this project and available on our blog. So once check the PHP web application portal for news application.

After that you can easily develop both of android app plus web application. Initially concentrate with one service, after that plan to deploy other services.

News API

First we have to create new API for integrate with our application. Go to on the referral link after that click to Get API Key. Finally you copy the key and paste from string.xml file. 500,000 plus developers are trusted this this company. So you don’t worry about the security or any other queries.

Android New App Features

A lot of features are available on this project because we are applying latest technology models. Therefore you are surely like this project and take out on this next level of your design. When you are customize this code, you’re get unique application.

  1. Different type of languages
  2. Category wise news are explained
  3. Search Navigation
  4. Ad Free
  5. Fragments
  6. Navigation Drawer
  7. Guardian API
  8. Loaders
  9. JSON Parsing
  10. CardView
  11. RecyclerView

Android News App Screenshots

Once check the screenshot file after that you get clear idea like how it’s working on your device. Through this API we able to cover world wide news. Moreover you can customize API based on your requirements. Suppose if you want to display only particular state like Tamil Nadu or India ?. Then we have to customize the API to display the particular news.

news app android studio
android news app
android news app project

Source Code

I hope above all source code is helps to build news application. It working fine in our device without any issues. So we are sure you also not facing any problem on executing this project. In the next article we are upload news app without getting third party API’s.

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