Airline Ticket Booking PHP

In this article I have explain how implement Airline Ticket Booking PHP Projects with source code. Nowadays airline is not a hard task everyone. Because everybody has money so they are enjoy the life with some of investments. So college students also willing to develop Airline Flight Ticket reservation concept using PHP MySQL.

Already I have wrote one article about how Reserve Bus Ticket in PHP. I hope that also useful for you in some modules. In future if you need, just go for the particular URL for get complete source code.

When compare both of Bus & Airline, it’s a Same ? No completely different because in the airline ticket systems are entirely on new methods. Therefore it’s very complicate if you are beginner in book the ticket in first time.

Experienced candidate only able to analyze all the fields when you have some awareness of airline system. Otherwise we can’t able to make tickets from home.

Project Overview

Before starting this project, once see the full overviews. Because after that easily complete the step by step modules as per client requirements. Developers are looking for project modules like validation, Design, API, development queries etc.

However it’s very important when need to commit some changes in database or server side end. That’s why documentation is must for when work with new technologies.

Technologies Used

Here I have use MySQL for communicate from server side to accessing the Data.

  1. PHP (HTML, CSS)
  2. MySQL
  3. JavaScript


  1. Admin Login
  2. Multiple Customers Login
  3. Online Payments
  4. Pay Later Option (For Testing Purpose Only)
  5. User Friendly Navigation
  6. List of Flights
  7. Ticket Copy
  8. Reminder Dates

How it’s Working ?

When open first time, it was ask to create new account. After creating the account, you need to select the date, from place & to place like destination place. Hereafter we are showing list of available flights with price. So then selection is your wish, choose your favorite airplane or based on cost.

Once complete the payment, the ticket details are forward on your registered mobile number & email id. If you need to cancel the ticket for any emergency, you can do it but they are get some amount for booking charges.

Airline Ticket Booking PHP

I hope above all details are helps to understand the project. This is very easiest code & written in Core PHP, not a framework of Laravel, Codeignitier, Yii. This was simple concept that’s why I use Core otherwise I always prefer best PHP frameworks.

Already you need some knowledge for execute on this source code in your system. Suppose if you’re beginner, once read the PHP official documentation for to learn more about the code.


I don’t like to cheat or waste others time. Because time is more worth than money. So here I added this project output screenshot image. If the designs & concepts are okay for you, then move on next section to get the source code. Otherwise that mean you did not like the code, try on other website.

Fore more project screenshots just download the source code.

Here we are give importance only for development not a designing. So if you’re looking for attractive UI & UX ? just do it in your self. That was very easy & face any issues, comment below I will solve your queries.

Download Source Code

Okay fine, let’s click below button to get the full source code of Airline (Flight) Ticket Reservation system project using PHP & MySQL. It was working fine without any errors, so don’t worry about the designs also, try with your own code.

The project credits goes to Ashish.

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