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In this tutorial I have explain how to create Admin Panel App Android Studio Platform. Actually Admin Panel is very important for every application. Because then only we able to maintain, upload products, push notification and more things do from admin end. That’s why every business peoples are looking for separate admin panel login credential for manage their mobile application.

For example purpose here we have explain college management admin system for explain the admin panel system. So through the software faculties able to upload notice for students, marks, news, sports activities and more details. Later that you can change the concepts and it’s working fine without any issues. Because here we need only development concepts not a project titles.

admin panel app android studio source code

For the sample purpose in the above section I have add the project screenshot image file. The main dashboard is looks like same of above image layout structure. For more customization do it on your end based on your requirements. Alternatively you can add your own image, button, menu navigation and more things.

Create Project – Admin Panel App

Let’s see the steps for how create admin panel android application for your all of needs. Nowadays everyone has smartphone so they are looking for application for every requirements. Suppose if you are plan to launch a e-commerce application then you need admin panel for upload your products into the ecommerce website. This is not a easy task for everyone, because we need coding knowledge for doing those works.

That’s why WordPress make new changes via WooCommerce plugin. When we have install the WooCommerce plugin, don’t need any separate admin panel credentials for manage the products. It’s completely free and which is provided by WordPress Company. Don’t need any technical knowledge for maintain any type of websites/blog when using WordPress.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Firebase
  4. MySQL
  5. Third Party Libraries
  6. Android Studio (IDE)

Admin Panel App Android Features

Generally every app has lot of features because then only peoples are starts to using our application. Otherwise no one install and give review about our apps. So in the category order, this app also has lot of features when compared to someone source code. Behind the reason we have 5 plus years experience in software industry field.

  1. Material Design Layout
  2. Push Notifcation
  3. Recyclerview
  4. User Friendly Navigation
  5. Forgot Password (Verification works on server end)
  6. Easy to customize
  7. Well Structured Code
  8. Firebase Integration

Still this project has lot of features & you can feel that when you are use the application. Moreover Firebase knowledge also need to maintain the project. Because here we are using Firebase code to activate the push notification for end users who use our application.

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Source Code

I hope above all explanation & images files are helps to understand the understand the structure. However once read the official documentation after that you are getting clear cut idea for how customize the code as per your own wish. Open source tutorials are available on YouTube platform by lot of android developers. If any doubts regarding this just contact us for more clarifications.

admin panel app android login

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