AdBlocker App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how to develop AdBlocker App Android Studio platform. Once upon a time no one using AdBlock app or extension for blocking the ads. but now 60 percentage peoples are using adblocker extension for their browse to stop the advertisements. We have only options for stop ads in browsers only. In the play store we did not able to stop for seeing the ads.

Here I explain how to develop own Ad Blocker app using java code. Because some of my readers are request to implement this code. That’s why here I make this article & I hope surely it’s useful for professional developer who are develop extensions.

Current days we have plenty of extensions with lot of features. So this project also helps to build with your own code of design.

In the market number of Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox browser extensions are available.

  1. AdBlock
  2. Adblock Plus
  3. Ad blocking
  4. AdBlocker Ultimate

Adblocker App

Okay let’s see what are the steps we need to be following for develop adblock project. Actually this is not a easy task for it’s differ from basic project structures. It’s not like a similar android apps, completely different other common application.

Initially need to activate some third parties library for block the ads. Already some external libraries are there to block the ads from various companies. Our work is just get API key for integrate into own application. For this process they are some amounts, then only able to access the key.


Mostly every companies are providing API key for integrate their services. For the reason is our time is completely saving and additionally give efforts for some other works. End of article I will give the full API credentials and you can use my existing keys.

Suppose if you are plan to deploy this application on Google Play Store. Then need to change API key then only Adblocking apps are working fine.

AdBlocker App Android Studio Screenshot

Once check the screenshot after that you get clear idea how it’s executed on your device. Most of developers are still search the solution for how stop the ads. So I hope this project surely helps to prevent from third parties ads.

adblocker app android studio
adblocker app project android

For more screenshots just download the code. Here spaces are not enough to explain all of things which is related to this project. Moreover you can change the designs as per your own requirements.

AdBlocker App Android Studio Source Code

Above all code is helps to build the AdBlocker plus app in android studio platform. If you are facing any issues just read documentation which is mentioned on above section. However already we are testing in our device & it’s executed fine without any issues.

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