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What is Karma How Its Working

what is karma how it working

In this article i will explain what is karma and how karma working in our life. This genration of peoples no idea about karma and don’t know what is karma effects why karma words followed by most peoples. That’s why now a days most of criminal activities raised on the society.

Here i will share the explanations and how karma worked for everyone life. Karma is not a fake sentence, its a real word and ancestors followed by the karma words so they are not involved in criminal activities like rape, kidnapping and more.

What is Karma?

1. Karma is a action good or bad things depends on your past. There are types of Karma will be there one thing is Good and another one is Bad.

2. In past if you do the good things on your life then the good things are happen in your life.

3. Karma did’t forgot your address, that means previous life actions affects are happening in this life.

4. Karma its like soul, soul interchange in every life and take new body its depends on your previous karma.

5. Sometimes soul takes animals body because your previous life activities like animal so in this karma follow you and take beast body.

How its Worked?

1. Karma worked on your previous life activities.

2. Every karma never loss past actions.

3. If you do good things or bad things in your its follow you on entire life, you did’t escape from that karma actions. Its 100% fact.

4. Karma follow soul only and soul followed by body depends on karma actions.

5. Karma = Body (Good life or Bad life).

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