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Here I explain how to create Online Story App Android Studio platform using Java programming language. Through the app you can build your own story application & deploy into Google play store. Because most of freelancers and software developers are earning passive income via uploading apps on play console. But for that we need more programming skills like Java, SQL queries, Firebase etc. Then only able to generate money from home without any investments.

Maximum of freelancers are following this way in different concept. For example some developers are choosing entertainment platform for generate revenue and others are choose sports, education, tools, photography and more categories. So the choice is on your end, if we get more fans and then earn more dollars money.

story app android

On the other hand blogging also bets way for making money online, for that we don’t need any technical knowledge. But in app development need java programming skills and problem solving methodologies. If we are follow correct steps then surely we can generate lakhs of money via uploads android application into google play store.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. JSON
  4. Firebase
  5. MySQL
  6. RecyclerView
  7. Glide
  8. SMTP
  9. Android Studio (IDE)

If you are familiar in Kotlin then go for it with lot of benefits. Kotlin is very user friendly for beginners who are new in develop android applications.

Create Project – Story App

Let’s see the steps for how create story create application using Java code. There is two main features are available on this code. One is users have able to post their own stories with accept some terms and conditions. Another one, access up to 5GB free storage via accessing Google Firebase database. Suppose if you have own server, then no need to integrate Firebase. Otherwise it’s the best option without paying any amount from our end.

Moreover Admin Panel also available when we are using Firestore storage. Initially we have to authenticate via our login credentials. For that first we have to initiate some of common API from Firebase to our back-end code of Java.


  1. Material Design
  2. User Friendly Navigation
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Pagination
  5. Create Own Story
  6. Unlimited access without any permission
  7. Verification Mandatory (Create New Account)
  8. oAuth Services

Screenshot – Story App Android

Check out story application output files, after saw this you get some idea like how we improved the existing one. I hope it will surely fulfill your requirements, because we are maximum provide common & advanced features. For example user can create own story based on their specific category where they have good knowledge.

story app android studio
story app java

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Source Code

Above all steps and images are helps to create story app in android studio platform using Java programming language. We are already tested in our device and working fine without any issues. So on your end once try and if any error occur just contact us to clear your issues.

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