Ludo Android Game Source Code

Ludo Android Game Source Code – In this article I will explain how develop ludo game in android studio IDE with free source code, you can download it. This is corona period (COVID-19), in that time ludo game very popular.

Because everybody play ludo game online with their colleagues, friends, relatives etc. Group by or individually they play game from home without any disturbance, feel like offline ludo.Apart from this article you can make money online in part time job. In the free time learn how create blog & generate passive income via posting articles in our website/blog.

ludo android game source code

After that most developers try to crack ludo game and some other developer try to make new alternative game like ludo. But finally no one replace this perfect user friendly game. So they are search original source code & rename it, published from play store.

Ludo is a board game, for two to four players. It was very simpler game introduced by the concept is 1896 & 400+ million users on google play store. In the beginning time ludo game is not popular.

After going some years its slowly improved and finally in the corona ludo game on trending tab. Everyone wants to play the game with friends, relatives.

How develop Ludo

Ludo written in java, java is very comfortable language for game development but Unity game is perfect game engine to implement high level supported games like pubg, subway surfers, Free fire and more. Mostly used for develop video games, web plugin.

Corona helps to ludo game to earn more money through game development. Now most gamers are migrate into ludo. Because its very efficient, user friendly, easy navigation. Drag and Drop features are available on Unity platform so easy to create levels.

Ludo Android Game Source Code

Here codes are not explained because spaces are not enough, and online visitors also don’t like the code explanation. They expect only source code which is original on ludo.

The full coding is Java, database and XML. If you have good knowledge java then you able to easily make money online. We post android article, projects, applications and more on company website. Get the android applications codes, ideas for that, check here to download source code & working from Android Studio IDE.