Event Management System Android

Event Management System Android – In this article I will explain how to implement the Android online event management system project in android studio integrated development environment. Now a days everybody follow the event management team because no one like to take risks. When we give assignment for event management team they maintain and do the all the things.

For example marriage, house warming, baby showing, kovil functions, conferences, wedding invitations and more. Event Management is application of full project management, to accomplish the function through the event manager team.

Everything is doing by event management team, family members are give the all responsibility from the event manger team. So they watched everything like welcome the customers, guest and provide the snacks for them.

Create Project

Okay lets start, here i you learn more about android application development system. Every project has source code freely available on internet so you don’t worry about the source code. Most of android developers and some companies are publish the project with online its very helpful for college students. For example you can get source code on GitHub.


In this project not module based, admin and users are communicated with get the orders and response for them. New Users are create new account to book the events like wedding marriage or birthday function. When the user book any events, its confirmed by the user via mobile OTP verification or email.

After verify the process, then only event management team process the work. Because some users are cheat us that’s why they are add the security options.

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Event Management System Android

I give full source code of event management system project using android studio. Android is the good platform for do the many best applications. Android domain has best scope for future to develop both of android and iOS.

I would not explain source code because its huge and i hope you also did not read the entire source code. Everybody like to download and import the source code from our favorable IDE like Visual Studio Code IDE or Android Studio IDE. That’s why i did not explain any code and finally give the full source of online event management system android.

Download Source Code

Get the complete source code of event management system. This is very easiest project do don’t stop your project, extend and implement with other project also. Now a days we have plenty of android free source code available on internet so don’t miss. If you need any android application or website contact me with on jjvetri2@gmail.com, I will touch back.