Discussion Forum Project PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how create online discussion forum project PHP & MySQL. It means every users able to share their opinion related to the topics. For example if you are sharing one question on your blog, then internet users are reply the answers. Similarly it’s like reddit, quora, discord, tumblr, stackoverflow etc.

Actually it’s very useful for clear our doubts. Because for the every question each people has different type of answers. So when we read all answers, finally we got a better results. That’s why most of persons are like to use the question & answer discussion forums. Quora is one of the best & most valuable site for clarify your queries as well as solve any type of problems.

Because they are covering all topics which is very trending on internet. So here we are also implement similar of Quora & reddit websites. Through the WordPress we easily able to build this project with simple plugin. But that’s not maintain large scalable activities. Therefore here I explain core PHP code for create online internet based social media discussion forum application.

Suppose if you have knowledge in frameworks like Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, then go for with help of frameworks. Because it has lot of ready made features. However some college students are still working on Core PHP, that’s why here we are also using core concepts.

We have collection of PHP projects with source code.

Discussion Forum Project Features

Initially I explain the list of features. After that you get some idea like how it’s executed on your device. This is the major reason for why we are explain about the project benefits. On the other hand once check the Home based generate Side Income Jobs.

  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Every Question has colorful badges (like Topic, Important, Trending) etc. You can also create your own badges when customize the code.
  3. Login/Signup
  4. User Authentication Verification
  5. Accept infinity answers
  6. Filter Spams
  7. Pagination
  8. Voting button (to highlight the positive answers)
  9. Space for mentioned the Negative answers
  10. Without create account, use did not able to post comments
  11. User received notification on their post

These are just major feature of this project. Moreover you can use more minor benefits when it’s live on your system. Responsive design is must, then only everyone able to access the website from any devices like Mobile Phone, Tablet, Computer Desktop, Laptop etc.


  1. XAMPP
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL
  4. HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Create Database (MySQL)

First you have to start the XAMPP server, then open the phpmyadmin. After that create new database & the name is like forum. Then just select and import forum.sql file. Now you are access the online discussion forum on your local server.

Discussion Forum Project PHP – Screenshots

In below we have added the project output file for the better understanding concept. So once check & share your review like which is best or not. If it’s okay then customize the designing code for make the new unique designs.

discussion forum using php
discussion forum project php
php mysql online discussion form

You can build this concept on any project. Some of owners are put this panel in e-commerce sites to review about the products. So if you have any online business then you can access this features to get more traffic & views.

Source Code

I hope above all explanation and images are helps o build online discussion forum project using PHP and MySQL. Maximum I covered the all features so surely you are like this project and in future we will give more updates. For the every updates you can see more benefits. However it’s a simple concept, the process like just we stored and display the information from end users. Additionally create user interface for preview & reply the topics.