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WP Rocket Fastest Cache W3 Total – In this article let’s see the difference between major & popular WordPress Cache Plugins. Generally without cache we can’t able optimize our WordPress website performance. So here I explain the comparison of WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Super vs W3 Total Cache plugin.

For the initial stage we don’t have knowledge about cache plugin. Because in the beginning days me also face this struggle. After that only I have step by step learn about all major guidelines and tips. And now I have 85 percentage knowledge to working & handle WordPress Sites.

The famous proverb is “Beginning is Always Hardest So Never Give up

Actually error give you knowledge so don’t feel sad when facing issues on your site.

Top 4 WordPress Cache Plugin

  1. WP Rocket (Premium)
  2. WP Fastest Cache (Free)
  3. W3 Total Cache (Free)
  4. WP Super Cache (Free)

Suppose if you have good money and plan to move on premium plan ? Then go for WP Rocket plugin. Otherwise select any one of the above mentioned plugin. But I strongly recommend to use WP fastest cache for free users. For the premium users I suggest WP Rocket plugin which is helps to optimized your contents.

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1. WP Rocket

Most of WordPress users are don’t know about this plugin. Because this plugin not available on WordPress plugin list. We manually import this after buy this tool. That’s why most of users are don’t have knowledge in this plugin.

But WP Rocket have lot of features when compared to free plugin of WP Super Fastest Cache, Litespeed, WP Optimize and more.

wp rocket fastest cache w3 total
Image Credits – WP Rocket

Through this we able to optimize the database, minify the CSS & JS files. This is the major reason for decrease the site performance. So when we activate this, these problems are fixed and our site performance also increased.

2. WP Fastest Cache

It’s one of the best Free plugin who are running small & medium site traffic websites. Suppose if you are getting lot of traffic (5000 plus views per day) then time to upgrade on premium options. Because when we get more traffic, optimization is must important to deliver the contents from user end.

Therefore we need optimized features for deliver information for users without any issues. Free plugins are did not provide those benefits. That’s why we need premium plugin for maintain large traffic websites. GTmetrix recommends this plugin for WordPress users.

wp fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache also provide Premium options. When compare both, WP Rocket is better choice for large scalability sites.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache compete with WP Fastest Cache plugin. Both are provide like as same features but this plugin has more negative reviews than WP Fastest Cache. So some users are avoid W3 Total & me also in the earliest time avoid Total Cache plugin.

4. WP Super Cache

This plugin recommended by WordPress and most of users have still use this plugin. The major reason is easy user interface and simple navigation. Non Technical persons also easily able to understand the meanings. That’s why getting 2 million plus active installation.


Every plugin has own features and they are proof like we are best service providers. No one tells like we are provide worst or medium services.

So decision is our ends. Before confirming any plugin, first read about the particular plugin reviews. After that taking decision which is better for better results.

In conclusion the winner is WP Rocket.

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