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We are the leading and well experienced WordPress Freelancers Tamil Nadu and surrounding places. Nowadays most of website/blog created by WordPress platform. Behind the reason is no coding knowledge required for creating attractive websites without any additional details. However we need some technical knowledge for handle issues. Sometime we are getting issues from server side end or WordPress website.

In the year of 2016 I was started blog using WordPress. Beginning time I am facing lot of issues in various topics like SEO problem, google coverage issues, admin panel critical error, database issues, cpu error and more. After crossing 4 years only I get clear idea like how handle any type of errors. Now overall I have much knowledge in WordPress platform & capable to solve the common problem.

wordpress freelancers tamil nadu
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When I am facing issues on WordPress, I search lot of solution in Tamil langues. As a result I can’t able to communicate with Tamil persons. Therefore I decide to create WhatsApp group and through this Tamil developers and college students are easily solve their problems in free of cost.

Two Ways to Contact Freelancers Tamil Nadu

  1. WhatsApp Group
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WordPress Support Team

I have nearly 6 plus years experience in both of app development filed and WordPress platform. So if you are facing any issues on your WordPress blog Website, then just contact us for more details. And within a hours are we are sort out your issues. Most of errors are raised on Themes, Plugins, CPU related issues.

Moreover you can also learn below things. For example,

  1. How speed up WordPress Blog/Website
  2. Reduce Loading Speed
  3. Increase GTmetrix Score
  4. Minify both CSS & JavaScript (JS) files
  5. Best & Top WordPress Plugins & Themes
  6. SEO Tips
  7. Blogging Hosting Plan

The full answer and particular link available on VetBosSel homepage. After reading those article you are getting so many clear idea about like how works with WordPress blog and increase your rank.

wordpress support team tamil nadu

WordPress Course Tamil

WordPress courses also available in our blog, so you can learn the course within a 30 days. End of the day you become good skill WordPress Freelancers Tamil Nadu and covered more states. We are charging just Rs.1500 for course and I think this payment okay for everyone.

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