University Management System PHP

University Management System PHP – In this article I have explained how develop and manage universities colleges etc using PHP MySQL. These days every things are online mode so written works are reduced day by day life time. Through the online management teams raised question and track college status. In some places use GPS for track exact location of college.

university management system php mysql

Already you know that every colleges are affiliate with some of universities like Anna university. The course fees, syllabus, subject overviews, list of degrees and more information given by the university norms. So every colleges are must follow the rules & regulation to get a grade of certificate.

Create Project

This concept designed as formal university layout. Suppose if you are develop attractive website for maintain all colleges, then have to redesign & modify the existing source code. But formal designs are only match this type of projects. So use same code for designing work. When come to development, implement as your own ideas.

End of the article I give full source code. So download & extract from your local server. After that import database & just change username password credential. Then it will be working fine.

University Management Departments

Overall lot of departments there in all university. In that department every colleges are choose their selected courses.

  1. Admin Management Departments
  2. Integrated Departments
  3. Fee Departments
  4. Library Department
  5. Examination Scheduling & Management
  6. Distance Education
  7. Online Examination
  8. Attendance System
  9. Human Resource with Recruitment

Technologies Used

Various technologies are used to manage university. This is not a easy task, must we maintain & backup all data. Because some times it will used for some verification process.

  • Barcode
  • SMS Gateway
  • Smart Cards
  • E-mail Broadcasting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Payment Gateways
  • GPS Integration
  • OMR Accessing
  • Biometric Machines

University Management System PHP

This project is really helpful for your further implementation. Additionally add some extra features, that would be impress college students. The project credits goes to raselhasandurjoy. If any doubts are facing issues, just comment below I will try to resolve your queries as soon as possible.

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