Taxi Booking App Source Code

In this tutorial I have explain how to develop Taxi Booking App for android users who are looking for online bike/car rent services. Already number of third party companies are available to provide taxi for customers, tourist people’s, college faculties and more categories. But most of them provide phone numbers for booking the ride. That’s not liked some educated personalities, because they are expect advanced things like expect mobile application.

That’s why major of business owners are looking for android application which is completely save our time. When compared to the website it’s very convenient and easy to book the taxi services. Some person’s are marketing their numbers only to book the cabs. It’s okay for non-educated people’s and local clients. But everyone not okay to directly talk to the strangers.

taxi booking app

Above screenshot is a admin panel and the owner able to check all status like collection of driver database, riders full details, trips location and more details are automatically updated one copy from admin side. Through this no one able to cheat owner data, otherwise may be manager edit the amount based on own requirements.

Admin Modules

  1. Dashboard
  2. All Trip Details
  3. Drivers
  4. Riders
  5. Car Type & Model
  6. Cost
  7. Live Contact Support
  8. Documentation
  9. Payout (Bank Transfer)

Driver Module

Driver received message only from riders. When rider select the destination location it find the nearest drivers and notify to pickup the clients. For that driver always need to turn on location for track their current location.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Messages
  3. Location (Destination)
  4. Payout
  5. Live Support
taxi booking app android driver

Rider Module

The initial form for rider who are open our application to book the location. After that only driver and admin’s are received notification from users side. Hereafter driver got the number and starts to contact the particular person.

  1. Search Pickup Location
  2. Destination
  3. Select Available Driver’s
  4. Make Payment
  5. Live Support
taxi rider android app

Create Project – Taxi Booking App Source code

Let’s see the steps for how create Taxi cab booking android application using Java programming languages. If you have good knowledge on flutter then go for that for lot of added advantage like typescript, javascript, react etc. It’s like similar of Uber application, first automatically fetch the usr current location then list out the available driver list with phone number.

The initial step is you have to create new account and then enter your location for share from nearest drivers. Moreover OTP verification is mandatory for access the homepage, it helps to avoid the duplication. Otherwise people’s are making fake car booking from various places. Browse our other 100 plus app source code in free of cost.


Social Media oAuth also available for create new account, behind the reason is no one like to spend the time for create new account. That’s why every website owners are added this features to reduce the initial time.

  1. Material Design
  2. Attractive UI
  3. oAuth
  4. Auto Location Fetch
  5. Dashboard for each account like Driver, Rider, Admin (Owner of the app)
  6. Online payment
  7. Live Chat Support
  8. Track driver location
  9. Manage Rider location
  10. Admin Access

Source Code – Taxi Booking App

Above all contents are helps to develop the best application of taxi services. Already we are sort out all of issues in our end, so no worry about further issues. If raised anyone just contact our support team to solve the problem within a hour. We are always stay online to help with our readers.

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