Stock Sales Management App Android Studio

Here I explain how to develop Stock Sales management app using Java programming language in android studio platform. Through the software you can manage entire of your business like stocks, sales, purchase, return, reports, employee management, POS and more. Digitally you can manage your entire business without manual work because then only each data will store in perfect ways. Recent days most of the business owners are move their business in digital ways.

Behind the reason is every sales and stock reports are handled by clear methods. You can add multiple user role to manage your workers such as cashier, salesman, general manager etc. Moreover POS (Point of Sale) is one of the biggest features for manage & track your customers with online payment features. Actually stocks and sale is very common for every business merchants, so here we are adding so many benefits are those type of categories.

Android App Admin Modules – Stock Sales Management App

Number of modules are available in admin panel, later that you can customize your requirements based on your business level. Suppose if you want to run with small features then you can remove or disable existing forms.

  1. Main Dashboard
    • Here you can see the total sales, Invoice Due, Total Sell Return, Total Purchase, Purchase Due, Total Purchase Return, Expense, last 30 day sales. Moreover payment due, purchase due, stock alert, sales order, pending shipment etc.
  2. User Managment
    • You can assign role for your employees, colleagues etc. For example you can able to add admin, manager, cashier role etc.
  3. Customer Information
    • Here you can track your customers information such as Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Address, Location etc.
  4. Suppliers
  5. Products
    • List Products
    • Add Products
    • Import Products
    • Selling Price
    • Units
    • Categories
    • Brands
    • Warranties
  6. Purcahses
    • List Purchases
    • Add Purchase
    • List Purchase Return
  7. Sell (Sales)
    • All Sales
    • Add Sale
    • List POS
    • POS
    • Add & List Quotation
    • Discounts
  8. Stock Adjustments & Transfers
  9. Expenses
  10. Payment Methods
  11. Reports
  12. Settings
    • Business Settings
    • Locations
    • Invoice Settings
    • Receipt
    • Tax Rates

Screenshots (Live Demo)

Once check out our output images after that you are getting some idea about the projects. So just check demo to analyze entire your demands & requirements. Finally got the concepts like how to manage the stocks, sales, return invoice and so many methods.

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products management app android studio java
pos stock report java android studio

Payment Gateway Integration

We are already integrated with some major advanced gateways like Razorpay, CCAvenue, PayU, Paytm, Instamojo etc. You need to only get approval from payment companies, after that they are give API credentials to receive payments from your end.

Authentication (Login) – Stock Sales Management App

Already I told multiple authentication is available on our application. Social Media authentication also available to easily create your accounts like Facebook, Google etc.

Programming Languages

  1. PHP (Laravel)
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap
  6. MySQL


  • Able to Add Multiple Store
  • Advance Product & Purchase Management
  • Payment Alerts
  • Brands, Category, Sub-Category
  • Print Invoice, Product Labels
  • User Friendly Navigation

Source Code – Stock Sales Management App

I hope above all steps and methods are helps to find the exact solution. Hereafter you are getting clean idea & customize the existing products on your end. However you can always contact our support team to solve your issues. Moreover it’s not a free project, you have to pay Rs.15000 ($180) to purchase the code.

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