Python Pagination Example

In this tutorial I have explain how develop Python Pagination Example script. Gnerally pagination categorized by two ways, one is infinity scrolling and another one is assign some results for per pages. Maximum of peoples are using second way because that’s very comfort and user friendly navigation.

Another one category peoples are using infinite scrolling because it save page load time. But it’s not user friendly navigation. So here I will teach how make pagination script using Python program. Here we don’t need any framework because it’s very simple concept.

Django and Flask framework best for only large scalability projects. Otherwise it’s not worth for small level management system. Here I have develop the pagination script in single file. Suppose if you are working on Django, just copy the code and paste on your existing code.

After that it’s working fine without any issues. If any raised on your end just comment below we will help to solve the problem.

We have collection of Python project with free source code. So check on our Python category page to expose more concept.

How It’s Working ?

Most of developers are demand pagination model like google search engine. Someone looking for bing and everyone has own taste. But the best is google model. So now I develop similar of google pagination results.

Totally there are three parameters are functioned in this example.

  1. The first one is maximum page of last result
  2. Current page result
  3. Next Previous Index

Manually we setup the maximum page or it’s automatically assigned based on customer requirements. Now I set the maximum result at end of the page.

The value is 21. When user reach the 21, the next button will be automatically invisible by user end.

python pagination example

Above Results model

  1. Maximum Page – 21
  2. Current Page – 18
  3. Index 5

Alternatively you can able to change the Index value and maximum page results. Also possible to increase the index value from 10. For example Google showing 10 values with image option. However you can also add image on near numbers. But for that we have additionally working on few more concept.

Another example

python script pagination example

In the above example Index value is just three only. Moreover adjust the values based on your client requirements.

Python Pagination Example

I hope above output file helps to understand the project. Suppose it’s not satisfy your requirement just go on other site.s But it’s simple and worth because loading speed also important for every website. Moreover some pagination scrips are affect site performance.

Similarly it’s best light weight pagination script using python language. Infinite scroll affect SEO because it’s not user friendly navigation. For the best result we can set 10 values for per page otherwise it’s affect SEO and site speed level.

def pagination(max_page,curr_page,index):
    sum = index//2
    #print the exception at the start
    if int(curr_page) < (index):
    #print the exception at the end 
    elif curr_page > (max_page - index):
        return([*range((max_page+1)-index, max_page+1)])
        if index%2 == 0:

This is simple concept and able to replace on your existing python code. Alternatively add your logo on below pagination results like google. It will highlight your pagination script.

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