Online Quiz Project Python

In this article let’s see how develop Online Quiz Project Python language. Most of peoples are think like exam & quiz is the same category. But both are different so here we see how implement perfect short application for students purpose.

This is a advanced level quiz, so here I plan to initiate separate modules for each questions. When we deliver good navigation, then the end users feel comfort & never hesitate our services. In most of colleges are using free quiz system but that was not user friendly layout.

Google also provide quiz system (similar of online exam patter) anyhow little bit match. Actually Google give us customize options for our college/school taste, so that is also best platform for making quiz application.

Already we have develop quiz system using PHP & Java. If you are looking for other language just go for that domain.

How it’s working

The system works like when students attend the questions, particular correct answers will be automatically selected. If user give wrong, correct answer will be revealed. Finally end of the exam, total marks will be displayed.

This project developed by Flask framework. Maximum all features are add in this system. The list of questions are showing in the different categories like your favorite programming langue. However here listed out Python, PHP, Android, Flutter etc.

Online Quiz Project Overview

Here I have use Flask web framework for implement quiz application. But OTP Email verification is not developed, because it was just sample only. May be in the future we have develop this module. But previously in so many projects we configure OTP methods in PHP, Android.

Quiz system don’t need verification, that’s why we did not spend time on the particular system. College staffs are assume username & password for every students. Alternatively we also give space for creating new accounts.

Online Quiz Project Live Demo

This project developed by Shreya Mishra so the full credits goes to her & she also provide live demo features. Therefore once check the demo & if it’s okay then move on upcoming section to get the full source code in free of cost.

Online quiz Project Screenshot

Every project screenshot is must because via this only we see the output screen before execute the system. That’s why in most of project I will give output images for save the end user’s time.

Online Quiz Source Code

Above code was helps to build online quiz project python management system application. In this project I have add just seven questions only, you can add more questions in different wise categories. The user interface & experience also based on client requirements.

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