Online Examination System Python

Online Examination System Python – In this article we discuss about how implement online quiz examination system project using python. These days most of colleges conduct online exams because it’s very convenient. So we can able to attend the exams in anywhere like our home or working place. Easily get the results without any fraud actions.

Online Examination System Python

This is the Corona period, all of university examinations are conducted through internet. In my previous post I have develop one app of Online Exam System in Android Studio. So if you need this open that link and download the free source code. In our education system now migrate from offline to online mode. they are think that was a advanced mode for learning studies.

Create Project

Okay let’s start the project for develop online exam portal in Django framework. First of all you need basic knowledge in python then only have to understand the code. So once learn python full tutorial, after that try to implement this project on your system. Official Documentation also helps to understand about the programming basics like how the structure was organized.

Online Examination Features

This project has some main advantage, that will be encourage the admin persons. Through this features students are not able to cheat examination during attend from home or any other places.

  1. Automatically forms are submitted, after the Time out
  2. If student was minimize the window screen above 3 times, alert mail received from the college professor. Then legally student face the problem with proper proof.
  3. Marks are automatically completed, after student complete the examination. For this process, staffs are upload the correct answer from the database. So when checking the result, automatically answers are fetching from the database.
  4. Webcam features are just optional only. Because some students laptop have no camera options. If this options was mandatory, every student must show their face for attendance purpose.

How Run Project

Beginners also chance to saw this article. So here i give the full instruction for how execute this project on your machine.

  • First Download the project. (Link was given by end)
  • Then go to on the path.
  • After that open a file of & type runserver
  • If you are using any other IDE, directly call from the Editor.

Download Source Code

Here you can download the full source code of Online Examination Portal System Project using Python. If face any issues, comment below I will try to response your queries.

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