Online Bus Booking PHP

Online Bus Booking PHP – In this tutorial I have explain how develop online bus ticket booking system using PHP MySQL. In previous article I already post Android Bus Booking System in Android Studio. (link) Everybody use online system because more convenient & lot of cashback offers. When we compare to offline system they don’t give any offer from us.

online bus booking php

Website is not much better because everybody likes to use android application not a site. Mobile app has very user friendly interface navigation. Before coming android app everybody use website but that’s not comfortable. We face lot issues in that module.

Create Project

Let’s start our project to make simple PHP ticket booking system. Before create our project first convey database designs like how we assign values. First configure & connect database values. Because then only we access and check the database. First install XAMPP software after that change port number as your wish

Database Connection

Initial step is make connection with phpmyadmin. After that we create tables and variations for store data.


$connection = mysqli_connect("localhost",'root','','bus');

if(!$connection) {
	die("Unable to connect" . mysqli_error($connection));


Create Admin Access

Admins are able access every pages like they are read enquiry messages from clients. Accept/Reject user bus ticket booking & tracking. Once they approved, user get approved messages from the end users.

Download Source Code

In above I not explained all of source code. Because the code concept is very easy. You can easily understand. After get the code, follow the actual procedure of XAMPP & execute project on your server.

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