Online Book Store Django

In this tutorial I have explain create online book store Django Python. Nowadays no one like to sell books on online but once upon a time maximum of peoples sell books. For example in the initial days amazon also sell books, after going on few days step by step add so many things like Gadgets, Mobile, Electronics etc.

However still some college students are looking for online book shop management application. So here we plan to develop advanced and high feature online shopping website.

Moreover current generation students are mostly spend their time on social media sites. Alternatively they are invest in books then learn more things about money and life. When you are start to read book, then your knowledge will be growing & achieve something on your life.

Still some peoples are there to bought books online. That’s why Amazon launch Kindle app for read books on your mobile or desktop. So chances are everywhere available and we have t push our self then only cross the dreams.

Already we have develop online shopping projects using Python but that was for mobile phone. However the concept is same so you can replace mobile phone to books. Otherwise get this source code because here we additionally added one feature for reading soft copy on every books.

Soft Copy Books

Soft copy books are helps to understand the books overall structure. So we in-build PDF viewer feature for our book store application. This feature maximum available on most of websites.

You can also able to download full copy when complete the payments. Both copies are available, hard copy books are send through courier partner and soft copy available to download on your page.

Online Book Store

Okay let’s see how to implement Online Book Store application website using Django framework. For this project Flask is enough because this is simple concept. Suppose if you have good knowledge in Flask framework then go for it.

We are using MySQL & MongoDB database for store the products. Because it’s very convenient and comfortable language for online shopping sites.

Apart from this article I recommend WordPress WooCommerce concept shopping website. For the reason is they are provide lot of options with great SEO service. Mostly it save our time and it’s perfect for business owner who build own manual power without third parties.


Once check the output file for book store application.Already I told the concepts are same. So check and of okay then go for next section to download the source code.

online book store django

Download Source Code

I hope above all explanation helps to build online book store project using Python Django framework. Moreover you can download online shopping project in various programming languages like PHP, Android Studio (Java), .Net and more.

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