Music Player Project Python

In this article I have explain how create music player project in Python program. Music player is one of the mandatory android & iOS application for every users. Because it’s used for hearing our favorite songs in free time. So everyone daily use this application by most of users. Moreover it’s provided by top companies like Google, Microsoft etc.

Every companies launching new different level of user interface. However now music player app counting was decreased because most of users are using Spotify application. Through the spotify we able to hear all of songs without manually download files. This is the major reason for music player usage is down.

Generally play store users are currently decreasing when compared to the year of 2017 to 2019. In that time play store is very famous and each persons are download apps for every solution. But now day by days users are avoid to visit play store. Major reason Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. Bot platforms getting more times from the normal users. Everyone likes to watch reels because collection of quality and funny videos available.

Music Player Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how create simple music player software application using Python. In the previous article we explain how create Docx to PDF conversion software in Pyhton Program. Both work is very worth so you can able to make money for those applications.

Maximum of developers are do this work from home. It generate passive income for us without any hard works. Once we launch then just maintain the code and need to upgrade the versions. So it’s one of the best way generate passive income without further investments.


  1. PyQt
  2. Pillow
  3. Python
  4. Mutagen
  5. Gstreamer

Gstreamer used for streaming the existing song from our database. Every components has unique features like PyQt helps to implement Graphical User Interface for the music application.


Once check the output file after that check whether it’s worth or not in your expectation. However in this project we give more features when compared to other application. Without execute on your device you can see the live demo here. For the more screenshots just download the entire code and then check file.

music player project python
music player python
music python

I hope above images are helps to understand the entire project structure. It’s like similar of top major application and you can use all features same as Spotify app.

Music Player Project Python Code

Above all contents helps to build perfect music player application. Here we did not using any frameworks like Django or Flask, Core is enough to implement standalone software. In the upcoming days no one use music player application because popular apps are build music player on their own application.

For example YouTube provide us perfect features. So peoples are migrate those service instead of download apps on play store.

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