Minify JavaScript CSS WordPress

Here I have explain how minify JavaScript CSS WordPress websites. This is the major problem for bloggers and mostly everyone face this problem. Because on the initial stage it was not minimized, manually we need to minimize the both of JS & CSS files. After that our site performance will be increased and getting better ranking results.

Before start this, first I have explain what is Minify why we need to minify the files in WordPress. Actually minify helps to remove whitespace and compress the file size. When file size is reduced, site will be load faster and optimized all the contents.

Generally in our site we use lot of JavaScript & CSS files. So we able to compress more files and that is helps to improve our page ranking results. Don’t ignore this warnings because most of bloggers and developers are do this mistake. When we avoid this warning our website performance will be decreased.

First check your site performance on GTmetrix. In below I have add my result for after checking my website contents.

gtmerix performance

If you follow my steps then you can also able to getting A grade & high performance, structure, LCP, TBT, CLS etc. After that we don’t need fear about the site performance, everything working fine.

Minify JavaScript CSS

Okay let’s see the steps for minify the JavaScript & CSS file. To do this we need WordPress plugin, then only able to minify both of JS, CSS files. Otherwise always facing this issues on our server. Number of plugin available on market. But Free plan has limited features only, it means they are not provide the feature of minify the files.

Therefore we need to move on premium plugin. Suppose if you have no money for buy the tool. Don’t worry WP Fastest Cache maximum solve your problems related to performance. However minify features available only on premium cache plugin.

WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket is the best Number one WordPress cache plugin. After activate this our site will be performed fine without any issues. The plugin cost is $49 per year and it’s not a small amount. If you are regularly plan to post articles on WordPress sites. Then go for buy the plugin because after that your site loading very faster and see the major features.

Currently I am using this plugin for optimize my overall contents and it’s also used for optimize the database. Through this we able to avoid High CPU usage errors.

Suppose if you have no money, no problem. Alternatively we recommend WP Fastest Cache for accessing other features.

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CDN is Better or Not ?

For the highest traffic sites, we strongly recommend to use Cloudflare. Behind the reason is cloudflare has more than 10 plus years experience.

For the better result we need to invest some money then only optimize our contents. Another suggestion is use CDN, if your most of visitors from other countries. Because it take some time for own hosting completion procedures..

Cloudflare provide free & premium plans.

how minify javascript css wordpress

Finally I hope above instructions help to minify Javascript CSS WordPres files. Still have any doubts just comment below we are ready to optimize your helps.

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