Medical Management System App Android Studio

Here I explain how to develop medical management system app using Java programming language in android studio. Actually the digital based software used by every hospital because most of them maintain their records on very easiest ways. So in this tutorial I explain how to develop simple hospital based management software in Java technologies.

Already I told recent days most of the business persons & organizations are like to maintain their entire system in digital software. Therefore they are looking for perfect web or mobile based application to maintain all of information. However it’s not a easy task but very easy when compared to the normal methods.

medical app android java

Previously we are upload simple medical based web application project using PHP & MySQL database. Once check out the article for get more ideas and features. Later that you are getting some idea like how to navigate & add components for existing projects.

Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how to create hospital based medical management system project using Java & Firebase or SQLite database. It’s similar of pharmacy based application like manage entire pharmacy via our application portal. Moreover mobile based software getting good response from end user side. Behind the reason is it’s very easy to use and available on play store.

This is one of the main reason for why most of peoples are like to use mobile apps when compared to web application. On the other hand you have to manage the entire records in digitally then only we can every day update the results.


Totally 10 plus modules are created on this project because it’s very easy and already fixed by our strategies. However once check on your end to know more info about particular access permissions. Later that you can customize the modules based on your own requirements.

  1. Main Modules
  2. Login/Register
  3. Medical Management Teams
  4. User Authentication for Each one
  5. Payment Section (Optional)
  6. Material Design
  7. Stock Management
  8. Purchase Report
  9. Sales Management
  10. Daily & Monthly Report
  11. Customer Details
  12. Invoice information

Features – Medical Management System App

In the above section we are clearly explained about each modules and it’s benefits. So later that you can manage or customize the project based on your client requirements. However here we are explain only major features which is very important in our projects.

It’s also called as the name of like Inventory/Stock Management system using Java programming languages.

Screenshots (Demo)

Just check it out our project screenshot of output file, after that you are getting some idea about how it’s working on our machines. Because performance is very important to decide the project quality and time duration of cost. Therefore every developers are mostly check the cost as well as limits f duration prices.

invoice create medical project android studio
pharmacy app android studio
medical management system app android

Download Code – Medical Management System App

I hope above all contents are help to find the project explanation and in future we are updating more details. Which is very useful for your project next updates & also clients also looking for new updates in every aspect of maximum duration times. If you are facing any issue son this project just comment below we are helps to integrate & solve your bugs.

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